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Stats keep dropping out to zero

My correct stats are 100% but now they show zero, it has happened before but then they get corrected. I have not reported this to air as it always seems to correct. But what’s up with their tech team? They need to work on the online platform since that’s what they are duh! Maybe they have too many fires to put out or just are unfocused. Here’s a screen shot, read the details it makes no sense. Anyone else’s stats wrong?

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I’m seeing the same.


HI @Maggieroni,

Send your screenshot to Airbnb.


Now it’s back to correct, I have a local bx rep and I sent it to him no response, let me tell you this is NOT the Airbnb we started with.


Other people have reported this. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find this kind of thing reassuring. What is a “local bx rep”?

Airbnb employee for our area in NYC - from his email

Community Organizer
NY Mobilization Team

Oh, in SO, SO many ways. My dissatisfaction was already starting before the big re-branding, but it quickly escalated as their platform started pushing folks into Instant Book and so many other things. Now there are SOME options that make IB work for hosts, but there were not for so, so long.

I mean, I have been with them long enough to remember when they tried to get hosts to help out with Customer Support. I remember being ASKED if I would like to VOLUNTEER to respond to users having problems with registering.

They still do it. One time recently when I needed to report a former guest who continues to harass me by phone and then Instant Booked us, they had a volunteer get back via email in about 7 days.

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Are you freakin’ kidding me? And hosts are gullible enough to do it because they think they are helping some kind of community. They already make billions off our capital investment and folks are gonna volunteer your time to "help* them? Talk about Kool-Aid drinking.

“Airbnb was valued at $25.5 billion in June. As of March 31, Fidelity valued Contrafund’s stake in Airbnb at $69.2 million, up 9 percent from February, according to a report from Reuters.”

Take a look on Glassdoor and LinkedIn to get a clear picture of how they are set up. It’s eye-opening to say the least.

In what way? Elaborate, please? All I see is typical business rah-rah and Brian Chesky’s mug which makes me want to punch it.

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I’ve read some articles on Chesky’s blog (I think). He’s really got that corporate BS down pat. If anyone wants specific examples, I can probably dig them up.

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I went to a meeting where they talked about hosts hosting local events with other hosts AT OUR OWN EXPENSE! After closing my mouth WHAAT? I asked what the purpose would be, and the rep said to bolster the community! No, free PR for them! I left the meeting truly scratching my head. And, the host who graciously held the meeting in her home is no longer a host since her listing was illegal! She was a renter and her LL found out I guess. Now they’re encouraging local volunteering for actual good causes but why through Airbnb? So THEY LOOK GOOD!

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