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Starting out Checklist / Quantity suggestions?

Hi Everyone - Looking to start outfitting my 1 bedroom / 3 guest max occupant condo shortly. I was curious if anyone had a check list or suggestions of what and how many items a person should have in stock. Trying to tow the line with buying too much but i don’t want to compromise the stay as well. How many cutlery sets or glasses linens so on and so forth. The unit will be located in a very walkarable area of Vancouver. Then I start thinking do I need baking pans… Do i need mixing bowls… Is someone really going to make a cake while staying here?! lol

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

What’s your price point? That may provide some direction on this question.

$130-$180 CAD a night, depending on the par tof the season. High season in Vancouver right now. still cheaper then a hotel

Same building and similar unit to this one:

Most guests usually make breakfast are out all day and depending on how long maybe make a light dinner. When we began I went to a big lot or dollar store to get the kitchen set up.

First begin with appliances that are essential for at least breakfast and to heat a light meal

Bagel toaster
Coffee machine
Electric kettle (big one for Europeans and Asians.)

A plate set for 4 people ( bowls,plates and coffee cups)
1 set of forks,knives,spoons
a knife block with knives.
measuring cups and spoons
cutting board
Wooden spoons for stirring
Ladels and pot holders
of course a set of pons and pans

I can go on and on but basically lot at how you live in your kitchen and what you use to make meals and provide the same in that area.

In regards to sheets I have three sets for each bed so I can turn over quickly and to rotate them because of wear and tear. two sets of blankets and two sets of coverlets

Towels also about two sets of One bath towels, Hand towel and washcloth per guests for quick turn over. Also dark wash cloths for makeup removers.

For the amount that you are charging think about the little details as well, supply spices and at least olive oil so guests can cook.

Great insight Carmen thank you. Great idea with the dollar store as well.

With regards to plate sets etc 1 set per person or 2 so they dont have to wash perhaps?

What about blankets. Were in a condo and large duvets are pretty tough. What do you do for blankets / duvets?

Nope I wouldn’t bother with this one tbh it’s not worth it … for example bagel toasters are pretty much unheard off here in the UK, europe, ozzie and NZ. I’d just stick to a good toaster brand wise. eg. one with extra wide slots for bagels, crumpets, English muffins … eg. http://goo.gl/RhQGQQ

YES! do not forget this one. Buy a good brand though otherwise they just won’t last.

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If you have 3 max one set should be enough and you really don’t want to encourage a big plate build up. If they have to clean up for their next meals you are training them to leave the plates clean for you. We are in Miami so I have a thin coverlet or quilt that is not really meant to be slept on therefore I have a light blanket. A duvet here would be too hot in your location a duvet with it’s cover would be fine just make sure you have at least a set of 3 covers o wash inbetween and if one gets stained. Oh and also two sets of matress covers this is essential and when you do get them look for the type that deter bed bugs because they come in luggage and it is a nightmare to get rid of them once they are in.

What my guests love about my place is the attention to details, like I have on each side of the bed a plug so guests can charge their devices next to their bed. Also a tip my first guest gave me was to have a place where male guests have a place to put their keys and wallet so on one beside table I have a decorative deep dish that they can place those items in.

Think about where you live and provide items that might be helpful for your guests that they can’t bring with them. Because we have frequent afternoon downpours I have two large umbrellas. Because most of my guests want to go to the beach I supply them with a cooler, beach chairs, umbrellas and beach towels. upon request. Usually I first ask what is the nature of their trip and then offer these things.

Recently I have a family with a small child and I left a small camera toy and they loved it.

I know start up costs can be hefty and when going about your condo figure what you would want as a guest and think about what guests in your city would appreciate.


Aha! The duvet debate rears its head again :slight_smile:

We use one bottom sheet, the duvet in a cover and a bedspread. We have three of everything - one in use, one in the wash and one spare.

We supply crockery and cutlery for four people (the apartment only sleeps two) because like @Carmen we want to encourage them to do the dishes. We’re near the beach too so we also have beach chairs, umbrellas, a cooler and beach towels which are kept in the apartment’s bedroom closet.

Remember too to leave plenty of cleaning supplies - including spare trash bags - so that your guests can clean the apartment and take out the trash before they leave :wink:

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