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Star Wars Motif a horrible idea?

My nicer of my two rooms has nothing on the wall. It needs something. My kids were given some beautiful Star Wars decals that do on the wall, Each is about 20x18.

I should say - I have NO IDEA where else I’d put these things!!!

Would it be crazy to make a Star Wars themed room? I don’t know how popular this movie is around the world.

For us, it would be reason enough to book!

Now that I think of it, the decals are removable so could get stolen??

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You’d love this one!

It’s a “spaceship” theme which is fun for all scifi fans without narrowing it to Star Wars fans only.


how fun is that?! awesome!

@dcmooney, since a lot of your guests are coming to experience living with an american family, I don’t think it would be a huge turn-off. Especially if it’s in the room that typically has kids sleeping in it. You could pick up a few fun pillows as accent and a few figurines and make it a theme without being too overpowering. It also may help attract more americans on vacation too.

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Hmmm, honestly doesn’t appeal to me.
I’d sell them to a star wars fanatic who would really appreciate it.!

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I think this would turn off at least as many people as it would turn on.

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I think you would have far more people being turned off then turned on.

Just because the films are popular doesn’t mean people want to sleep in a room surrounded by the characters.

If you want to put them up just remove them when you have guests to stay

I say do it, and charge more. There is a theme room hotel in the next city over, mind you they have cool jacuzzis in the room too (all part of the theme) and they are always booked. Always! And they charge $209-350/night. People love theme rooms because of the novelty.

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My son-in-law would love this. His wife would nuke the idea in the bud and bring the DVD instead.

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Don’t do it. Even as a relatively hardcore Star Wars fan, I wouldn;t book a place decorated like that…

Thanks, everyone! As I thought about it more I realized it’s just not my style, so as fun as we could make it, I don’t think it would flow.

After shopping for rooms in various parts of the east coast the last few nights I realize that simple, clean, and uncluttered is what is attractive on that first photo.

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