Star ratings of guests

I can’t seem to find the answer to this question. I’ve only been a guest a few times and am uber conscientious about being respectful. But I would like to know if the star ratings that hosts give to guests affect the guest’s host ratings or are they separate?

You would have to call airbnb to find someone that actually knows the answer to that. I believe they are completely separate. They should be joined though, because a host I once had was the most deplorable guest ever. It would keep them a little better behaved!

Hi Stephanie,
Those two starsystems are technically completely separated (I asked Spock, and he agrees). The host rates the guest, the guest rates the host. Of course it would be a bit strange if the host rates max and the guest zero, but technically it’s possible (Spock nodds).
Happy rating,
Martin, Sweden.

Thanks for the reply Martin but not exactly my question. I’m wondering if when a host rates me as a guest it affects my overall star rating as a host.

Stephanie, he answered that question very concisely.

I guess I’m being dense then sandy cuz I’m still not clear. I realize the host rates the guest and vice versa but that means when my host rates me as a guest it affects my star ratings as a host or not? When a potential host looks at my ratings as a potential guest they see only the ratings I’ve received as a guest or do they see my ratings as a host AND guest lumped together?

Separately Stephanie.