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Star ratings, New feature?

Hi all,

I have just discovered a new feature when you browse Airbnb website with Chrome, or maybe it’s not new, but I have just noticed it :slight_smile:
When you tap on the stars of a listing, it opens a new window showing the breakdown of 5/4/3/2/1 stars ratings.

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I just noticed it this week, on firefox I don’t like it at all.

Yes, you’re right. I’ve just seen it too! I just don’t think this is fair for hosts. Now I really think we need to insist to Airbnb that guests are given guidance when they star rate and review hosts. Recently I had a guest who stayed for 4 nights and she and her husband kept popping past the back window to tell me how much they were loving their stay and what a great little space it was. And that they would recommend it to their friends. Then they gave me 4 stars across the board. They were a couple in their late 50’s and I just think that age group doesn’t seem to ‘get’ the rating process.

Thanks for pointing this out.

That’s strange I’ve always had this

I think some people consider 5 stars goes only to super mega places
as in ratings for Hotels.

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