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We are on IB, so usually it doesn’t matter, and that’s probably also the reason I have never really paid any attention to it. Today I got an enquiry from a “non-reader”, so I checked her profile and found lots of good reviews AND a few worrying ones. So I wanted to take a look at her average star rating, but it isn’t there :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is it because I’m on IB or are they never visible to anyone?
What’s the use of hosts giving star ratings if they’re not visible to other hosts?

They are only visible on the app

I see them when I’m using the laptop. In the message thread, they are in the left hand sidebar underneath the guest’s details. (I use IB).

Yes. Jacqui is correct and I was mistaken.

I see them on the left in “inbox” but only for guests who already have a reservation. The star rating doesn’t show with enquiries, pre-stay cancelations, etc. … Apparently I (we) can only know when the guest already has a reservation. :roll_eyes:

Well do you need the stars? If she has a few worrying reviews then depending on what they say if the issues are deal breakers for you, just decline.

No, not really. My complaint is more: Why do we need to invest time in giving stars when they’re not really of any use to us or other hosts?

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Do guests see how many stars they have received? I tried searching here but the information seems outdated.

It’s on their profile @Hoston

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Well I guess because if you have IB turned on you can see them :slight_smile:

We have IB turned on, but the star ratings don’t show up until people have made a reservation.

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Of course it won’t @GutHend :slight_smile: As you know this function is only available on I.B.

How would you see people before they book, as they won’t have booked ??? :slight_smile:

OMG, apparently you’re also a non-reader :rofl:.
I got an enquiry from someone: That’s how I see people before they book. And yes, we are fully on IB.

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Lordy @GutHend

I did read what you said. But you seem determined to misunderstand me :frowning:

  1. You asked why bother giving stars if they are not seen.

  2. I said you can see them if you have IB on

  3. You then said star ratings don’t show up until a booking is made

  4. I said of course they won’t because they are only available once someone has booked

I think the only non-reader here is you :slight_smile:

Anyway I’m out I have tried to help but am just met with sarcasm.

Interesting. I didn’t know you could see them from a message thread either. I thought it was only from the app. If they have it available on the web platform through messages, why now just put it on the person’s #@$% profile! ugh. Air makes thing so difficult.

Let’s have a look, maybe I am the one not reading.


That is what you said, but your statement is incorrect. I have IB turned on and I can’t always see star ratings.


This is the first time I see this statement written by your hand. This was also my conclusion, but I still don’t understand why ABnB still wants us to rate guests with stars if I can’t see them when someone makes an enquiry. In the end, will they also keep the reviews of guests to themselves?

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I do not think so… I was a guest twice and althought I got a review of the host both times I can not find stars anywhere in my profile.

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I have also been a guest a few times and I can’t find the stars anywhere, I was wondering if I couldn’t find the stars because I am a host too.

I just asked my current guest (he has 26 reviews). He can’t see stars on his profile and he didn’t know he is a ‘superguest’ :slight_smile: So it’s something just the hosts can see!

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