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Staging Your Airbnb Rental


How many people here stage their Airbnb rental? Do you think staging means you can charge more? If so, what percentage would you say it increases the nightly rate? If there was a service that offered staging/decor, would you use it?


Hi Cyn, I’m a guest, so I talk from the guest perspective!

As a guest I want to be presented with something that competes with a hotel (if you’re renting a room) or a professional vacation rental (if you’re renting an entire house). With so much competition out there, a professionally presented room (at any price point) should be the norm rather than something you consider doing. And it shouldn’t be the basis of a price premium - done well it’s your competitive advantage.

So, in that context, I say YES to staging. But think of it less as staging, more as simply what has to be done to remain competitive.

Hope that perspective helps!



I’m a vacation rental interior designer and have a blog called 1chicretreat.com. I give staging tips for free to owners. I would say that staging adds on at least 20% more money on the table. Furthermore, occupancy levels shoot up immediately.


By “staging,” do you mean decorating it well? I’m not a designer by training (or profession–I’m a scientist!), but I care about aesthetics. That said, I would rather stay in a place that has not been staged than one that feels poorly decorated, e.g., right out of Apartment Therapy or a Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, or CB2 catalogue. That’s probably just me. There’s no question design can be polarizing, and it’s impossible to appeal to everyone. I figure major “niche” hotels have probably figured out how to maximize revenues with the right level of trendy.

p.s. I once toured a house where someone bragged it looked right out of a Pottery Barn catalogue. To each his/her own.


What I mean by staged is nicely decorated with decor accents, nice furnishings, nicely made up bed etc. Basically like what you would see if you went to tour a brand new show home. I guess what I see a lot is rentals that the host clearly has put in zero to minimal effort. I’m curious to know whether it’s because they don’t have the right eye or skills to stage nicely or whether they don’t see it as being beneficial.


I think they just don’t get it. Any host worth their salt will try to make the space as appealing as possible.


But airbnb homes are not (at least for the most part) brand new show homes. Many places are and can be comfortable, cozy, clean and warm without having to be a show house. As a traveler myself, I enjoy seeing and being in many type of environments. If all airbnb’s looked the same, it would lose its draw for me very quickly. And as a host, I know my place is not for everyone, but I do appreciate, that there are those who can enjoy it.

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