Staging airbnb for photoshoot

what do you guys do if anything special to make your place stand out for photoshoots.

Just be aware that if there are things like fresh flowers, wine, chocolates etc in the pics… some guests expect them as part of the package…


@Gandyv8 Alberto, as the previous host mentioned, don’t add anything in the photo that you will not offer your guests. So, if you take a photo of a tray with a bottle of champagne and glasses, your guests will expect you to offer champagne as part of the booking. Take the photos of how you will offer your listing to guests,


Set the table completely. Dishes, glassware, etc. - it makes a huge difference in how the dining room looks.

Also, close the toilet lid.


One thing that I have seen on other listings that drives me crazy is photos of the bathrooms with the toilet seat up.

Also pictures of the kitchen with clutter on
counters. So for me, stagging is hiding crap and putting it out of sight! LOL

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Just have it clean and tidy and leave all the lights on.

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I respectfully disagree on this one because I am not going to have those dishes set on the table when they check-in (it any time during their stay at my budget listings, for that matter. Yes, I agree it looks nice but it is not why a guest is going to see when they arrive.


I do that : ) not only for stagging but also for guest’s arrival. One guest even mentioned it on his review : )

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I get what you’re saying. As a guest, I definitely wouldn’t expect to see the table set when I walked in, but I would expect that those dishes/glasses/etc. (or something similar to them) would be available for use. I pretty much feel the same way about most furnishings - I’m not too particular if the arrangement is different, but the place should have most of the things you see in the listing photos.

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I certainly understand that but just hope you don’t suffer in the accuracy category. Just a warning. Although possibly the higher the rate the less likely it would be an issue too.

Stage it so it’s just how it will be when they walk in.

Only show things you’re providing.

One exception is staging vignettes that give a sense that they, as a guest, just walked out of the picture. Like in your family room, drape the throw blanket across the couch, with a book laid out and a cup of coffee, glasses, newspaper on the table.

The picture of the main bedroom in my listing has a vintage suitcase on the luggage rack with a pretty nightgown laid across it. Obviously they’re bringing their own luggage and I’m not providing negligees (that’s in my Air"EXPERIENCES":wink:), so it gives a sense of “I could be there” without expectation that comes when you show a wine and cheese spread.

Other than that, it’s all about light. Best to shoot at a time of day the space is naturally well lit.

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I bought some custom acrylic signs for my photo shoot. They look great in photos. I can’t remember where I got them but just search for Host Welcome Signs on google. The one I got engraved my Host name on the acrylic.

You can’t beat great pics to get your pad noticed -

Light it up -
The right lighting can enhance the size and look of your rental. Open the blinds and curtains, clean your windows, and let the natural light in. It’s also a good idea to switch your lights on (even during the daytime), to help get rid of dark corners.

Size matters -
You could shoot a pic from the corner to gain a perspective of the room, this should help enhance the size of the room. Alternatively you could take a wide-angle shot or a panoramic photograph.

Give it character -
Show off the personality of your property - include pics showing character features e.g. a roaring open fire and log pile, a veggie garden thriving in the yard etc.

Sell the lifestyle -
Who does your rental appeal to? Use the photographs to illustrate what you have to offer e.g. do you have a rustic cabin which will appeal to those seeking comfort, peace and quiet, or a sleek urban loft that’s close to the action?

Show off what you get -
As someone else mentioned be careful if you are taking pics of fancy wine or home-made cake, guests might think they will get those goodies on arrival! If you do offer a welcome gift then feel free to take a photo and include this snap in your listing.
You could also include a picture of any great views and any fab local attractions.

You could also add a video to your listing to give a 360 view of your rental, might be worth a go?

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