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Spring Clean Your Airbnb Challenge

Starts April 26th


Are you ready for the high season? Ready for your first guest to walk in?

I’m happy to announce the upcoming “Spring Clean Your Airbnb Challenge.” Don’t be scared. You don’t have to become Martha Stewart, unless you want to.

The Spring Clean challenge! What is it?

The Four Four: Four weeks, Four Classes, For FREE, For FUN!

A FREE 4 week online class series, where we will discuss a new topic every week.

1st week
Your Space:
Is it time to change the shower curtains? Fluff those pillows? Clean the toaster, microwave, et.c? Probably. Get easy tips to do just that. Quickly and cheaply.

2nd week
The Photos:
Are your photos from 2 years ago? Do you have 50 pics and 10 are different angles of the same bed? Is that too many? Are you taking pics that give your listing justice?

3rd week
The Description:
What is your description? Does it provide all the information needed, or is it a novel your guests needs time to read? Make your description part of the sell.

4th week
House Manual:
Is it a handwritten piece of paper? Is it doing its job? Does it answer your guests’ most frequently asked questions? Create you a House Manual that will make a guest feel at home.

Want to register? http://tiny.cc/SCYAC

Each class, I will walk you through the topic, give you checklists and information, and offer support and encouragement to help you stay on track.

You don’t have time to join us live on all our classes? You can pick and choose. I will offer a live stream twice each week to cover different time zones.

Because I believe there’s nothing like accountability to get things done, I’m creating a private Facebook group. We can chat! We can talk about your progress or if you need a little push. I’ll be visiting Facebook every day to answer any questions. Let’s connect!

I’ll be your online support system to get it all done. .

Four weeks, Four Classes, For FREE, For FUN! Hop on over to find out more: http://tiny.cc/SCYAC

See you all soon!

Your cleaning friend,


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