Special Offer Total

I just sent a special offer to a potential guest. She wants to know what the total will be, including Airbnb fee.

I saw that briefly when I created the special offer and can’t remember what it said. Now that I’ve sent the special offer, I can no longer see the Airbnb fee. I can see only what we’d charge her.

Any way to see a pending special offer Airbnb fee?

I cannot believe that the guest cannot see it on her end. Sounds needy to me. I would tell her I have no idea and that she can see the total before she clicks on the final booking. Then I would do nothing. Take it or leave it



Sounds good to me.

It’s a weird inquiry (for a photo shoot to use three rooms in our house for three hours). We jacked up the price to about 3 times our usual one-day fee and put a lot of conditions on it. If she goes for it, okay! If she doesn’t, that’s okay, too.

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It depends a bit on taxes. In our case, the total is an additional 25% of the special offer.

So, an offer of $200 would be $250 total - etc. Your area might differ but perhaps not by much.

She should be able to see the total rather easily if she logs into airbnb.

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Do make sure they share a copy of their liability insurance with you @RebeccaF