Special offer to extend weekend?

New host here. I am getting good bookings for weekends. Since I am new I have made 2 nights my minimum stay. Since I am near a large city and a brand new amusement park, weekends are booked but I’d like to encourage longer stays. I did increase my 7 day discount.

So… has anyone tried sending a special offer to a current guest to stay an extra night? Cleaning and laundry will cost me the same so its definitely better for us to get an extra stay. Would say a 20% discount be tempting ? Or would I be considered pushy? Of course this would be done with coordination from my cleaner who prefers not to work Sunday anyway.

I have offered extra nights with a small discount, the AirBnb fee… I just offer the extra night for the nightly rate or very close to it and let them pay me direct. People like deals:) . I find it rare that people are ready to change their plans/add a night on short notice though. The times that it has worked out it has usually been initiated by the guests.

I do not offer any long term or other discounts, l still get a few one weekers but not a lot. Average stay for my place is 2-4 days which is just long enough. Yay, it’s Sunday both cabins are checking out today! Close the gates, my favorite day of the week:)



I’ve offered a discounted extra night or two to the guests at either end of a gap.

I learned the hard way (time permitting), offer the discounted extension to one guest at a time.

Also I will discount a discount, meaning, book one night = $20 discount per additional night, book 2 nights $30 discount per additional night.

I will be doing this for my September bookings. Every. Single. One. If for a long weekend leaving mid-week
Not-booked with no demand.

I have a 3 day minimum. In the off-season, rentals tend to be weekends or >28 nights.