Special Offer PROBLEM

Hi everyone!

I recently had a reservation for 2-6 of July.
The guest requested if he could stay also on 6-7 and so i made him a special offer for this date.
But after this the status of the 2-6 reservation changed from accepted to expired for some reason.
The dates in the calendar are still closed for 2-6 for this guest but the total summary is this of the special’s offer.
Am i getting the money for 2-6 or i have to do something?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi @Obelokix

Did the guest have a confirmed booking for 2-6 July. If so it sounds like a technical glitch. If you haven’t got a confirmed booking showing you won’t receive any money.

You will need to call Airbnb to resolve.

I checked - make sure you know the difference between a Special Offer and an Alteration Request. If you send the wrong one to a current guest it could result in confusion and/or payment errors.