South Carolina host suing Airbnb

My guess is that this will be settled with a non-disclosure agreement included and we will never know the outcome.

I keep wondering when a bunch of hosts who didn’t receive full compensation get together for a class action suit involving multiple states’ attorneys general.

That may wake Air up to protecting hosts.


$150k, which includes “punitive” damages. I wonder how much the damage itself cost?

Neither Airbnb nor my HO insurance would pay anything more than the replacement costs.

I thought these lawsuits didn’t typically make it too far because the Air lawyers will point to the TOS where we agreed to binding arbitration.

My guess is that we will never know.

They don’t usually make it far. But we also don’t know how many cases get dropped because Airbnb pays them off to some degree.

We had a guy posting here a few months ago, crying about how unfair Airbnb was. He made some outrageously high claim about how much damage was done. Then he comes back later and says Airbnb made it all better and he was satisfied with how much he was given. Uh-huh. NDA all the way.