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Sos - worst possible experience with airbnb - help needed!


I just got off the phone from calling the Australian AirBnB number again only to be once again diverted to the Philippines. I couldn’t even hear the case manager because it sounded like there was an office party happening. Still no one helping to resolve this situation. Still no one able to explain why and how


Try to push for Airbnb to cover your losses for those bookings they cancelled, if you cannot refill those nights booked. If they wouldn’t , I’ll push them for it on twitter again. Lastly, given you’re in Australia, is there an Australian obdusmam you can file a complaint against? I used to have a bank play hardball with me on some wrong charges. I filed a complaint with the local authorities and I got every cent back.


I don’t think AirBnB is touchable. I can’t even reach anyone who is here onshore or somewhere in the world where they understand the gravity of this situation.


That may not be true. Airbnb works closely with the Victoria tourism office. Sorry I’m not of much help. Will keep you in my prayers.


When you twitter airbnb help you need briefly tell them the problem and ask for help. Just hashtag disaster, they probably won’t take it seriously . Also it’s late night here. You may have to wait till tomorrow morning.


For anyone reading, (I know this is too late for you Leesa) as soon as you get a reservation it’s a good idea to keep a record of contact details. Screen shots, cut and paste into a spreadsheet, write it on a piece of paper, enter into your phone, whatever works for you. Sometimes the website is down, or other things aside from a canceled reservation.


Paragraph breaks are your friend. This is almost impossible to even read! I am sorry for your problem, but make your story understandable!


I am assuming you are calling 0285203333…


It’s a bug in a system. Last January something happened to my listings and they didn’t show in search under certain criteria. I couldn’t understand why I have no longer term bookings in the highest season ever with more that reasonable price. I kept getting short term
Bookings whichbi didn’t want. Then I checked and saw I don’t show up in search. I called and the guy on a phone told me he will make request but can’t guarantee they will fix it fast as tech deparent is overloaded with requests.
They didn’t fix it and I had to create another listing which was booked immediately


Once I realized all details disappear after check-out, I started putting phone number and other details in a spreadsheet, since I have to charge guests for local bed tax and the spreadsheet makes keeping track of the total tax easy.

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Hi @LeesaMM,

Note, you want to at least get their email addresses - I suppose phone numbers would be a good idea too, at time of booking. I do this by asking booked guests their email address immediately after booking and then send my guest guide as an attachment directly via email. This wasn’t initially to bypass Airbnb, but was because the Airbnb obsfuscated email system mangles email texts horribly, and sometimes loses attachments. But it does have the extra benefit that one is then not dependent on Airbnb for reaching ones guests, in the event that something goes pear-shaped. Additionally, I’ve recently changed my request to ask for emails from all members of the party. Previously I only asked for a email address from the booking guest.

You might want to consider something like in to cover you in the event that Airbnb becomes a “point of failure” in the future.

How do they know your location in order to divert you to the Philippines? Try calling them via Skype - US 800 numbers are free to call from Skype, or used to be. I haven’t tried recently. And I’d be impressed if whatever system Airbnb is calling you from can figure out where you are then.

Incidentally, I’m impressed and envious that you have 20 upcoming bookings. It’s hand to mouth over here.

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