Sometimes I wonder if I'm their Host or their Secretary

I’m always open to assist my guests in many ways so they can enjoy their stay the most. I like to share my local tips, I make them restaurant reservations, book their car for the ride back to the airport or stay always up to be at the apartment if a problem arise. Sometimes the request isn´t very easy to deal with but I still move on and give them what they need. Still I believe there must be an invisible line that should act as a boundary for the things we can/cannot deliver. One of my last guests asked me to make a phone call to several hotels (6 in total) to confirm their reservation with them. This hotels are more than 600 miles away. I can´t make that phone call because is very expensive here so I suggest him that I will send an email instead. Besides they thank me for this I’m still thinking that this was a very personal request nothing realted to their stay with me. This isn´t always the case, but a few times some guests cross that line and for a moment they think I’m their secretary instead of their host.

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Which country are you in?

Get this all the time to.
People expect so much and more. Groan. I was wondering the other day (After my trauma with the bad review guest), is this really all worth it. We dont pay ourselves enough!

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It sounds like they think of you as the concierge, and that hasn’t happened by accident… I don’t see why offering travelers a place to rent in your home makes you into a concierge unless you have let it happen.

I am an elementary substitute teacher. The first thing they told us in sub training class was that if the kids are badly behaved it’s not their fault…it’s YOUR fault. Or put another way, if you don’t have a plan for them, they will have a plan for you.

Same with guests. Obviously they have come to expect concierge service because you have said something to give them the impression that you offer it.

Take another look at your listing and rental information and maybe edit the things you offer. Are you telling them you’d be happy to make bookings and arrangements and things like that?

I’m in Hawaii and have made up a giant binder of recommendations. I’m also a writer for a major travel guidebook and meet every guest in person as well as tell every guest they can text for recommendations or questions. No one has once asked me to make arrangements for any activity on their behalf.

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Reservations for restaurants? Car bookings???

This is going FAR beyond what you need to do as a host, JMHO. I know you’ve been a host for a long time Monica but maybe you need to just say no more of this?

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I also book some reservations for dinner, but not all the time. I’ve started to put my foot down in the last couple of months. Now when they book, I send them a list of sights I recommend, as well as places I’d recommend to eat. The list has the telephone numbers / email addresses / websites of each place, for their convenience off course, so they can be more independent.
I have had several guests who asked ME to book their tours! And, that’s were I draw the line. I tell them all the info is in the pack in their room, along with the wifi code.
Twice I had guests ask to help them find a hotel in the area, as we were booked up. I helped them as it was a one off, but I wouldnt do it all the time. As well as time consuming, it’s not my job.

Konacoconutz, I love this! Lol ‘’
-The first thing they told us in sub training class was that if the kids are badly behaved it’s not their fault…it’s YOUR fault. Or put another way, if you don’t have a plan for them, they will have a plan for you.

I will look all at my guests now as kids out of elementary school lol.

Another reason I send them a list of things I would recommend, as it also gives them a wee push in the right direction to tour the city, instead of sitting under my feet all day :wink:

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Maybe it would be useful to pick up one of these little VOIP devices and set it to allow outbound calls only.

Do you offer internet access?

You bring up an interesting point. This past winter we had a number of guests coming from very sunny locations to spend what appeared to be most of the week indoors. The more time they have inside the more requests come, it seems.

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I get guests from wintery locations sometimes spend all or part of the day iNSIDE! In Hawaii!!! WTH???

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Most definitely!!! :sweat:

If it bothers you then don’t do it.
I enjoy being a "concierge ". I like sharing info about restaurants and hidden spots. I am a traveler and when my host is enthusiastic about helping me and sharing knowledge about local life I am very appreciative. It is priceless to be helped while I am
In a foreign country away from home feeling a bit lonely as it is at times.
I have been helped so many times by total strangers in most difficult situations in different countries so now I am
paying back by doing the same for my guests.
Sometimes I have people that don’t speak English and I am the connection as I speak their language.
With that said, being resentful about what you are doing is never a good thing not for you or your guests.
Just set boundaries and stop doing what you don’t want

Maybe it’s a matter of how they are approaching it?

I think most of us are quite flexible with the proper approach.

It would also be helpful to know where the OP is hosting to get an idea of what the people might be up against.