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Something weird with the multi calendar


I have 4 properties and they usually show in the multi calendar. I am on 4 different booking sites and manage the bookings manually after a massive fail with B.com.
The 4 properties were there this morning and this afternoon there is one missing.
I can get into the missing one via an old reservation and I can still block days and make notes etc. but it is a pain not having them together.
Have rung airbnb CS and got the usual guff about 24 hours etc. She could not confirm if I would see messages or bookings, so now I have 2 pages open to catch anything.
Anyone else have this issue?


Just checked, I should have 12 listings, I only see 11, so 1 of mine is missing too.


Sorry to say - but delighted that someone else is having a similar issue and not just my listings being mucked about. My main concern is catching the emails and actually managing the calendar



One missing.



All 3 of mine are there.


One of mine is missing, what a pain in the bum

I can access all parts of the listing from the edit button when looking at it on the website.


Speaking to CS about it now. Just my luck, I’ve either got the thickest CS agent in the building or he is incapable of reading English.



I’ve heard back from my teammates, who asked me to let you know that they’ve documented this issue and truly appreciate your report.

They’re investigating the root cause of the problem and working to fix it as quickly as possible, but unfortunately they were unable to give me an idea of when it would be completely resolved.

Ho hum.



Must be glitching. I have only one booking and it isn’t showing at all.


my listings are all there but I agree, synchronizing listings is a nightmare.
Their synchronization feature is buggy. If I block for instance on my phone I get home and see on my laptop it’s still available. Automatically synchronizing with external listings (from booking vrbo etc) adds extra days to the beginning and end that I don’t need. Someone could book me in those days.
And one time I had the unfortunate thing happened when someone booked me simultaneously on abb and vrbo. It was a couple he booked my house on abb she booked on vrbo. They were looking for 2 houses nearby for their wedding guests. they didn’t realize it was the same house because the name of the listings were different and the pics. And I literally after thanking him for the booking I went to manually block on VRBO and bam, it was already booked. It was a matter of seconds, may 1 min at best. It took me a while to get them to cancel one reservation.


If this happens again, using a different browser, try and book the dates. I suspect you won’t be able to.

As regards the extra days, what do you have set for preparation time under Reservation Preferences on Airbnb? That’s the only thing I can think of that’d cause dates to be blocked at either end of a reservation.



Anyone had any properties return?



Update. On the basis that this glitch had reduced my booking window to three months, I disconnected the channel manager to return this to twelve months.

By doing this the property reappeared and after reconnecting the channel manager its still there.

Worth a try if your scenario is similar to mine.


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Thanks - but no channel manager here. Will try the booking window and see what happens.


Mine turned up again.
I did not contact AirBnB for it, just waited.

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