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Something about me is attracting very undesirable guests

Thanks that is a good idea to just ask. I have never done that, I have just expected them to give me a quick summary of the reason. If I had not had so much trouble with parties and visitors I would not be so paranoid and just assume from the start they are having a party.

Thanks. I will take some of these suggestions. If I continue to have trouble I will post the listing and let the experienced hosts here give me more specific advice.

Definitely change to a two night minimum. That will greatly reduce locals looking for a one night party place. Raise your prices, too. I’ve found that the kind of people you would rather have are also the people that will pay more for a nice place.

For some reason this email went into my Spam box.

I’m curious. You’ve posted three times on this forum since you started in Sept and all three posts are about problems. What percentage of your stays are problem guests. Have you had any pleasant experiences on Airbnb at all?

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Strange question but no, I’m not 22 years old. And why would I explain to anyone why I need a place to stay?

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The first, appearance of youth, is age discriminatory if you base your decisions on looks; the second, not explaining, is ignorance or inexperience on the platform, easily solved by reiterating your question.

My reasoning about problems or ‘issues’: one time, it is an outlier, twice is coincidence, three times it is the host’s issue to fix. And the problem is not as simple to fix as you might imagine. Your issue of guests who do not fit your guest requirements need to be solved by the things you have the ability to change: pricing, availability, and the look/description/details of your listing. Thinking that the guest who comes to you looking for a place to hang out with friends is somehow wrong is disingenuous - your job as a host is to make sure that the guest described never gets past the browsing aspect and passes you by in search of places that fit their needs.

Similar to hosts who come here angry that their shortcomings are described in a review and refuse to see the validity and legitimacy of the review, you are looking for validation that your side of the interaction is not the issue - but it is.


Thanks for your suggestions and others. I did raise my price. I already have a week long booking at the higher price so it looks like that is going to work out.


First your minimum stay. If you gave minimal stay 2-3 days be sure it will be a party in weekend . Cameras are good idea.
I read somewhere about renting your house: they will trash it eventually …it’s not IF it’s WHEN. During 5 years I had my house trashed completely only couple times. With broken chair and destroyed sheets and 3 day cleaning . All of them were out of town .
If you are not in tourist area may be look into renting longer term to corporations who need housing for their employees . I have big success with renting to them . They pay top.price without hesitation .They are not the cleanest crowd I must mention that . But they don’t break anything and usualy no complains or troubles. This time I decide to do cleaning for them.twice a week just to check on a house and at the same time make guests happy .

I don’t ask my guests any extra questions unless they tell themselves but many hosts do.
Once I said few words about purpose of my visit and was told to give more info

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I do not buy this. I have outside cameras, my business office is on the property and I live a block away. Even a hint of a party and I would be there in a minute to shut it down.


your situation with office on property and you living minutes away is not usual .
You don’t look at cameras all day long . And how would you know if it’s inside the house?
Also my trashing occured without even parties . It’s how they live these people . They cooked all day , ate and used pool non stop . Never took out trash , spilled juice all over sheets.

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Likely this was a longer stay than I would allow. Guests and fish start to smell after 3 days. I have never hosted anyone longer than 5


These were 3 day guests. Interesting how we all have different experiences. I had troubles only with 2-3 days stays . Understood it after 6 months and never did again

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I’ve had the same issues and have had to not only take my home off of instant book but decline almost all of my requests lately. My house rules are very strict and I have cameras. The unbelievable reality is that when these guests check in and grossly violate your house rules you get no support from Airbnb. If you ask them to leave you have to cancel the reservation and give them a refund.

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What does zero tolerance mean… once they are in your home there is nothing you can do. I’ve had people check in and immediately start breaking the rules and Airbnb support says you can ask them to stop which has been a joke or you can cancel them and give them their money back. There is no support for hosts in these situations.

Well actually there is something you can do if they break your house rules. You can ask Airbnb to cancel the booking and have the guests leave.

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