Someone hacked my account and made a reservation

Hello everyone,
I received a message yesterday that a reservation for 870 euros was made from my account. I contacted airbnb but there is no reply yet. The money were taken from my account. The weird thing is that the reservation was made for a villa that is near where I live and I am thinking of maybe this villa is involved also. What should I do

Call your bank, dispute the charges, close your accounts

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Definitely phone your bank and tell them you’ve been hacked, they’ll block the payment and should refundyou. Sadly after reading the interminable time that Airbnb seem to be currently taking, to answer inquiry’s and issues that people have. It’s the quickest way to stop any further issues arising from this. Let its know how you get on, there’s lots of hacking fraud around right now.

Thank you Kerry,
Honestly i think that the owner or the manager is in to the theft as there is no telephone or specific location of the villa at his profile. And the only one that is benefited from this is him. He said that if i cancel he will refund me fully but i dont believe him so i requested to change my reservation for a month from now so i can cancel within 36 hours of booking penalty free. If he does not accept he is definetely into the hacking.

Thank you everyone, I managed to cancel within the 48 hours with full refund

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I wouldn’t assume it is your neighbour. The scammers would be the one who benefitted from hacking your account, not your neighbour.

Do make sure you change the password on your Airbnb account. And report this to Airbnb on to their fraud email address.

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