Somebody help me. 1st guest, not an inquiry

I have an accept or decline choice in my inbox. From a potential guest who requested to book my listing.
I would like to send a special offer. That choice unavailable to me<><>??
Somebody help a rank rookiie please///

Should I do this Below after accepting? Or should they cancel and start over with an inquiry…
boo hoo
If you need to make a change to a confirmed reservation, you can submit a change request to your guest.

To submit a change request as a host:

  1. Go to Your Reservations on
  2. Click Change or Cancel next to the reservation you want to change
  3. Choose Change Reservation
  4. Click Submit Alteration

If the guest accepts your request, the reservation will be updated and they’ll be charged or refunded if necessary. If the request is declined or you don’t receive a response, the reservation will stay the same.

There are a couple of other things to know about submitting change requests:

  • Your chosen cancellation policy will apply based on the new dates.
  • If the dates of the reservation have already passed, you can’t make any changes to the reservation.
  • If you want to change the details of your requested changes, you’ll have to repeat the steps above and remove your request, and then submit a new one.
  • If you changed your pricing, the new reservation will reflect this pricing if your change request is accepted.
  • To request additional funds from your guest, you can do so directly from the Resolutions Center.

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Airbnb’s Help Centre will answer the majority of your questions around managing your listing so is well worth you reading through the Q&A’s.

In answer to your question, no you don’t want to amend the booking, you want to send your guest a special offer. In this case if you search ‘special offer’ on the Help Centre you will find the answer.

Thanks Helsi, for your quick response:)

I have written special offers to a potential guest who was looking for a place to propose to his gf. But he just was sending me notes. Sorry to bother, I will figure this out in the morning

But this is different, they have already requested to book and the "send special offer " link isn’t there.

All you have to click " accept". What special offer you want to send them? They already accepting your price and the rest.


If as you say in your first post you have an option to accept or decline and you have followed the instructions on the Help Centre and the link isn’t on your inbox message from the guest you will need to give Airbnb a call.

Wait … why do you want to send them a special offer? I know that’s not what you posted to ask but I’m concerned. As @Yana says, they accepted your price, I hope? If they didn’t and asked for a special offer you’ll find that there are many hosts here who would advise you strongly to run a mile from anyone asking for discounts.

And please please don’t fall into the trap of ‘be cheap at first until you get reviews’. @Helsi is correct in that the Airbnb help section can answer a lot of your questions … but remember that when it comes to issues such as pricing, Airbnb’s advice is for their reasons and not yours; they have their own interests at heart not yours.

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Our specialty!

Answering for myself, I send a special offer after people have booked to add to the cost, not deduct because I am adding a pet fee. Given that this fellow is planning a proposal I would guess that the offer was for some additional services, not for a discount.

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Let’s hope so :slight_smile:

I admit that sometimes I’ve had guests want something special and I’ve charged them in cash so I’ve never done the special offer thingy.

Thanks for all your help. Explanation neccesary:
I had asked my friend (Thanksgiving guest) in advance to "book " thru air, and she didn’t__ unspecified reason. But she really loved it and now wants to help us, so she and I will do exactly as you suggest.

I got the below suggestion from HH AZ but friend did not follow protocol. She sometimes has financial difficulties and I wanted to just get a 1st review… now she has cancelled res. and we will start over.
"Just a suggestion since you are just starting out; If you have friends who you have stay in the trailer …

  1. Send them an invitation to join ABNB (if they aren’t already a member)
  2. Have them send you an inquiry about staying My understanding at this time is that you can send offer on this but not on a accept or decline reservation.
  3. Accept the inquiry and give them a special offer of $10.
  4. Then ask them to write a review.
    That will get you the reviews to then get going"

PS. For the friend who has already stayed there, … do the same, only adjust the dates to something in the near future. Then your friend can write a review.

The proposer dude was very nice and we each sent nice notes, but he chose a location in Northern California. He was fishing and I learned a lot about communications etc in the process. I offered him small discounts to keep him interested even though I’ve learned here the lookers are usually a waste of time.

Wouldn’t it have been nice for such a romantic occasion to be our 1st booking?

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Listening to that guy would be your first mistake! :wink:

And with that above caveat, something else to consider since you’re not far from Woolsey Fire. I honestly don’t know how it works, if the guests provide reviews, if you get a tax deduction, etc. BUT it would be a kind gesture. And putting good out into the world, ideally comes back to you.

If interested, I’m sure the help desk could provide further input.

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We have a thread on this topic

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thanks for that. I missed that topic. Sorry for veering way off topic.

I knew that HH_AZ was trouble!

HH AZ your suggestion was spot on, just the protocol was not followed properly.

We might find a renter at low cost for a fire victim, but I don’t think we can do it for free. The air program is completely free. I have been very distracted by the Holiday and my Mom was here so I have not done anything yet. I agree it would be fabulous karma to get someone needy in there.

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Just to answer your question, yes, guests who stay for free and participate in disaster relief do give reviews. We received a nice one from ours last week!

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Most of us love “off topic” and those who don’t… just veer off.


I just had the same thing happen to me. My listing says if you have pets please inquire first. This guy did but there was only accept or decline, no special offer.

So I told him, just go ahead and book and I’ll send the request (that would be via the resolution center. Well, he booked but then I couldn’t use the resolution center. I got a message he hadn’t paid in full yet.

Yet another example of Airbnb making things more work for the host. I messaged him and told him we would have to take care of it later and he offered to pay when he gets here which I’m fine with provided I actually get the money.

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If your guests use “contact host” can you still write an offer?? Maybe I wasn’t a completely crazy nooby?

Since I have instant book with no restrictions I’m assuming that he did use contact host button, not the book button. I could make a change to the reservation and change the price but I don’t really want to do that. I will be keeping an eye out for the special offer button in the future.

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