Some questions from a newbie

Hi all,

I’m from Amsterdam and I’m thinking of listing my apartment on Airbnb. I have a few questions that I hope you can help me out with.

  1. Could you please help me by giving me a few reasons why I should list my apartment on Airbnb?

  2. Why would I list my apartment on Airbnb instead of on other platforms such as Booking. com?

  3. Does anyone have experience with both and willing to share their experience?

Thanks in advance for your help!

By all accounts, Amsterdam has some very restrictive laws when it comes to renting an apartment as a Short Term Rental.

Make sure you are even allowed to do STRs… as to your other questions, booking platforms have pros and cons. There are many threads devoted to these questions already. Plus, quite a few people list on both.

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  1. First you need to check STR regulations in Amsterdam as restrictions have been brought in and I think you might need to apply for a permit

  2. If you search comparisons Airbnb/Booking.Com you should see blogs and news come up that talks about the difference.

  3. Reasons for choosing which listing site to use comes down to personal preference - as mentioned some hosts list on multiple sites.

As mentioned, read and understand your local Amsterdam regulations.

There are a great many threads here as well as articles all over the Internet comparing various platforms. Read and understand those, and then come back to us with specific questions, not vague general information requests.

Are you doing a university project? :thinking:

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Ha! That’s exactly what I thought :smile:

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Awfully early in the semester for that. Those posts usually come in near end of term.

Summer or, grad programe ?

I’m not sure when the terms end in the southern hemisphere but if they are researching Amsterdam I’d think they are in Amsterdam. As for grad program, maybe but even grad students are notorious procrastinators. Maybe if they are working on a thesis or dissertation they would start online with these elementary questions but I hope not.

Thanks for the tips and directions to other discussions on this forum. Just for the record: i’m not a student nor grad doing some university project/research. I’m just new to all this and had no clue where to start, hence these “elementary questions”.

I’ll try to educate myself further by reading some of the existing threads.


Also have a look at the useful tutorials and guides on Airbnb Community and of course their information for hosts on their website.

Great, thanks for the tip!