Some questions for hosts with access control systems

I have a few questions I’d like to ask of hosts with an average of four or more bookings per month, and who currently give their guests a key fob, key card, or require a phone call for access to their unit/building/complex. Please reply to this thread or send me a private message. Offering $10 Amazon GC for around 15 mins of your time. Thanks!

We use fobs to enter the main lobby of our apt bldg and have a Schlage keyless entry lock on our rental. How can I help?

Thanks for reaching out Laura!

Sounds like you might be talking about two different places in your response, so it’s not clear on whether your AirBnb rental also needs the fob. Can you clarify? Thanks again!

I have an apartment in an apartment bldg. Guests use a fob to get into the main lobby and a keyless coded lock to enter my apartment

Hi Laura, I sent you some private messages, but wasn’t sure if you ever read them. I’m still interested in talking further.

Hi Laura,

How do you provide guests with the fob? Do you meet them in the lobby or do you use a lockbox? Our new rental is in a secured building which requires a fob to access the elevator and a key to open the apartment door. We were wondering what the best approach is for very late check-ins when it won’t be practical to greet the guests. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


How about the Igloohome keybox? you can use an app on your phone to create codes for guests and share them instantly. check out the igloohome smart keybox - it lets you provide keys to guests miles away without even lifting a finger! no Wifi or internet connection at your place required.