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Some help with 2 apartments


Hi all. I am a new host from Italy. I would need an advice about how to insert 2 apartments on Airbnb. Those apt. are one above the other (2nd and 3th floor - no elevator) and the one at the 3th floor is a little bit better.

How can i do to have every apt. booked? Any suggestion about the price difference between the apt.?

Thank you so much.


No replies? no one can help?


Ok I would do this as two listings if they do not share bathrooms, Do they? you can have many listings under you account.


They don’t share bedrooms…


Put them as 2 different listings (2 different apartments)!


Giorgia -


Research other airbnb listings in your area and see what the pricing and amenities are. Consider what you want to offer your guests and how much money. Bottled water and cookies on arrival? I nice coffee maker?

Research insurance and tax issues in your town/county/province.

Consider who is available to speedily clean the unit between back-to-back bookings. How will you get keys to the guest at all times of day/night. (Some hosts limit times that guests can check-in, but travel plans don’t go as predicted).

Read as many postings on this forum as you can - but don’t let them scare you off, just inform you. There are a lot of good postings about bedding, beds, keys, etc.

Think of what you should invest in - new bedding? Extra sheets? Towels? Keys? Shampoos? Soaps?

It sounds like the 3rd floor is a better apt but the 2nd floor is easier to access, so they both have a selling point.

Let us know how it goes!!



thank you for ur nice answer!

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