Some advice please

I am a fairly new host. However, I stayed in a property at the weekend, in London, with my partner.
The listing had “TV” , and you can clearly see a TV in the lounge and another in the bedroom in the pictures on the listing.
We arrived, the same TV’s hung on the walls, but neither of them worked. We asked the owner and she told us, wrongly, that the property is listed with NO TV. I just checked and three days later the TV is still shown in the listing.
In addition it listed a “Double” bed, but when we arrived we found a 3/4 sized bed. I ended up sleeping on the sofa.
As this booking was my partners, and it was his first, I didn’t want to make a fuss. BUT I did want to come on her and rant.

Honestly you won’t be making a fuss and all good hosts will thank you if you point out the problems with the listing to Airbnb. For all of us, it’s a nuisance when Airbnb gets bad press, especially those of us who are using the service for our income.

Hosts with inaccurate listings are doing a disservice to us all. You can report the listing and you can do it anonymously. There’s no need to be nasty or bitchy, just point out that the reality isn’t what the listing shows in a couple of amenities described


What on earth is a “3/4” bed? :slight_smile:

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Its somewhere between a single and a double. I would normally say its about 4foot wide. This one was 3foot 9inches.

For heaven’s sake, if the host doesn’t even know what a double bed is then there’s little hope with them! It sounds like you already mentioned the TV’s to the host and they argued. I would give them a polite but honest review and low marks for accuracy.

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That’s called a ‘small double’ in the UK, I think.

A small double is 4 feet, my son has one. As for 3 feet 9 inches as in the case here, who knows?

im in the UK, but im very old LOL, and I use to sleep in a 3/4, perhaps it was just a 3/4 in the North!

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I bow to your older years/Northern heritage @Bendy001 :slight_smile:

I would give the host no more than 1 star for accuracy. The review should state that the listing included TV as an amenity but though two TV’s are in the unit, neither is operable. When reported to the host, her response was that TV is not a listed amenity but, in fact, it is still advertised in the listing. The bed is described as a “double” but the width is only 3 ft 9 inches, which is obviously suitable for only one person. Conclude with: The descriptions of these items are not only inaccurate but deceptive and future guests should beware.


When my siblings lived in Notting Hill in the 1980s, when it was still an exciting ethnic area, they rented rooms which were really just under stairs cupboard. After I lived there for 8 years in the 2000s I had to briefly return to London for 2 weeks so stayed in a “Serviced Apartment” in Bayswater. Not only was it the size of a normal bedroom (with kitchenette!) there were no bedside lamps and the lift was the size of a chair. There were wires hanging out and the “view” as advertised was of the central escape stairwell. In any event my experience is London is so expensive it has always been a tight squeeze and there are plenty of people who will happily rip you off. In the latter case I let them have it in their reception while other guests were waiting to check in. They probably just thought I was a nutter.

Well a twin would be the next sized up from a single, I do not advertise TV, I have one that guests can use but it is not connected to the Satellit, do not want to pay commercial rates. Very rare that anybody watches it.

To me a twin-sized bed IS a single. What’s the difference?

Twin is bigger than a single, in the US there seems to be a few different types of twin but in the UK there was just one. Might have changed.

I though so too. But the whole UK vs. USA bed thing regarding top sheets / pillow shams / double beds / duvet covers / comforters / etc. just does my head in!



I thought a twin was a single sized bed, part of a pair for siblings, friends or 1950s married couples to sleep in (with a nightstand in the middle for extra chastity).

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I am curious about the TV. Yes it was in the photo - but was it in the listing?

Edit: And I just realized this is a post from MAY that someone commented on, so I thought it was new. Sorry for my post - it is unneeded to answer.