Soliciting Guests Expectations

I see constant promotions to recommend new hosts. At the same time, I am seeing guests’ review questions worded in such a way that they serve to elicit responses that only annoy hosts.
Here are two examples from one guest. “Space bigger than expected”. I should now modify my description.? Perhaps having included no. of square ft of space would have met this guest’s expectations?
“A queen size bed would have been nice.” Description clearly states apt. has 5 twin, (single) beds. Why did he choose it if he wanted a large bed??
How can my reaction to these comments be anything but negative? I suggest review questions of guests be more thoroughly thought out.

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What makes you suggest – as you seem to be, that we, your fellow hosts on this forum, can make that change??

Since I don’t know you, it’s hard to say. I don’t see anything wrong with those comments.

Every job I’ve ever had evaluations in (about 90%) are based on the assumption that I can do better. They always included suggestions on how I could do better. I have a full bed but if I got lots of comments about a queen bed I might consider getting one. Space bigger than expected sounds complimentary to me.

As for how you might change your reactions to constructive criticism/compliments, that’s above my current pay grade.

As has been pointed out we are a forum for hosts, not airbnb. I can almost guarantee that no matter how questions are worded you going to hear things you didn’t want to hear.


Are these questions asked before or after the guest gives their star rating (I haven’t been a guest for about a year so I don’t remember)? I think there were some concerns raised in a prior thread that asking for improvement suggestions could mutate in the guest’s mind to a listing of shortcomings and kind of “artificially” induce a lowered rating.

I think you are mistaking us for the official Airbnb site. We are a privately funded forum unaffiliated with them.

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I think the guest is trying to be helpful. If you want bookings and have the room, why not replace some of the twins with a queen? Makes sense so don’t take it so personal. A guest suggested I get a TV so I did. I wasn’t offended and thought the suggestion reasonable. Many others have since enjoyed