Soiled linens, what’s best to do…bio hazard

Had a guest leave poopy sheets, expensive duvet cover set which now needs replaced. Anyone successfully claimed replacement linen, also soiled towel.

Take pictures and get your reciepts and submit a claim through what Airbnb now calls Air Cover. Some recent posts here have claimed it was an easy process.

“Bio hazards” can be laundered.


I’m not sure I want to put poopy sheets through my home washing machine…or even handle to be fair

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I get it. But bodily substances (details redacted) are part of the business and Airbnb may not pay for every mishap. Raise your prices to cover for the fact that you are going to throw these things away.


Even if deliberately done by a disgruntled guest who did all he could to trash our house on his way out?

Do you have something in writing to say he was deliberately going to do this @Weewoody

If that’s the case, it would seem there is more to document and seek compensation for than soiled sheets.

A guest of mine’s son had an accident like that. He put the bottom sheet and mattress cover through the wash (my apartment has both a WM and drier) and then called me to say that the accident had occurred and to charge me for any cost. Well when I checked there were still stains on the sheets but not so bad that nothing like bleach didn’t remove on the next wash. So I just left it and told him to leave a good review :slight_smile:

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Everything else just required a lot of extra cleaning, all other stains and dirt, and there were lots, came out eventually. These were 2 adults, the poop was on the coloured duvet cover so not bleachable. Horrible people. The sofa was stained, cushions all turned over so we wouldn’t notice. Luckily removable covers that I’ve managed to wash clean.

Nothing in writing to say he’d do but let’s say I wasn’t too surprised. Airbnb support have recommended I reach out to them for compensation then if no joy raise Aircover case. I did message them when they left to say what a mess they’d left. I asked them nicely if they could tell me what sofa stains were so I could treat accordingly. Not a peep back. Poop was a later discovery! Tempted to just review accordingly and put it down to experience. Not sure I have the energy to pursue.

I wouldn’t consider a duvet cover worth spending all the time required to file a claim with Airbnb. I might submit a photo and the receipt for a new cover, but if it turned into a long back and forth with them,I’d drop it,not worth the time. Although I have heard they are more forthcoming with small compensations than large ones.

Make sure you use wording in the review that won’t give any reason to get it pulled.

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I looked at replacement and also for my brand new towels also ruined…think around 100 euro total…I’m going to hold off just now and see what transpires…

Agree re review, I have it already to send and will do last minute. No mention of poop. Something along lines of Poor communication, definitely wont host again, don’t recommend to other hosts. Left house very dirty, stained sofa and linens. Extended cleaning time.

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