Sofa protectors? Too tacky?

Growing up, I remember hearing that sofa protectors were for tacky people. I think my mother and aunt put this idea in my head.

Now I’m the tacky person! I have them. The reason why is my dog. They are quilted cotton, not icky plastic. They are the same color as the sofa and loveseat, so they blend in. They are easy to throw in the washing machine.

Should I have them on or off when I do the photos for my listing? Should I have them on or off when guests are here?

My thinking is that if I’m going to use them for guests, then I should have them in the photos. On the other hand, if they bothered people, they could remove them.

What about only using them for certain guests, like people with kids?

If they blend in, just leave them.


I would have to see your whole listing to know whether or not they fit in - your price point, location, demographics - but my advice: do not use protectors.


Put them on for people with kids etc

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yes. too tacky…



Target demographic is all ages and anyone who might be visiting a college town: so, alumni, parents’ of students, admission tours plus a regular tourists, maybe.

Our house is less fancy than many of the other listing I’ve seen in this town, but the town in general is what my teenaged son calls “bougie.”

3BR/2BR whole house listing.

The price per night will range from about $250 during normal periods to about $700 per night during reunions and graduation. Still fine tuning that.

Oh well, I guess I’ll lose the furniture protectors.

They would be far too tacky for me. But if they’rte going to be there when guests are, they need to be on the photographs.


No sofa protectors. If you are going to allow people to bring their dogs then have them laundered and in a stack and where to find them in the pet section of your guest guide. Ask that they use them for their pets. But people without pets should not be subjected to sofa protectors.


Personally, I would NEVER rent a place that had animals in it to start with. But I think the protectors are tacky no matter what. My two cents.

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What color and fabric is the item being covered? Are we talking about an area where sandy, wet, sun tan lotioned guests may sit? (You know they will…)

I assume we aren’t talking about 1950’s plastic covers

I use a version of this to match my Craigslist find couch (excellent quality, but dated fabric) to the condo decor. Eaily removed & washed

If it is $2,000 ivory cotton duck cloth YES cover it with a nice cotton cover from renter spills etc. Place attractive pillows that match and I doubt any one will notice it is a cover. Maybe don’t have the cover in the pictures.

The sofa and loveseat are a lighter shade of teal. The protectors are the exact same color. I have taken the living room photo for my listing and not included the protectors. I might think about putting them on if guests have small children? Not sure.
(When my kids were little I would have liked them because it would have made me less nervous about them damaging furniture.)

They are very easy to take on and off.

To play it safe, do one picture without the covers and a second photo with the covers. I would also use scotch guard. Open windows when applying it to your sofa.