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Sobering update

Some of you saw me post that I got a three night booking starting yesterday, a gentleman who came to town in the middle of the night due to his daughter being in the hospital. The hospital is literally down the street from me. Although yesterday sounded like he expected her to recover he just messaged me that he needs the room until Friday: his daughter passed away.

I told him he can stay as long as he needs and I’m glad I can be a tiny help in a time of unimaginable sorrow.


So sorry to hear this awful news, this was the daughter in the accident correct?
Hard to comprehend what he is going through.
Having the comfort, convenience and personal touch of your accommodation must surely be taking some stress off him in this situation no matter how inconsequential it may seem with the sorrow of a death. Every bit helps especially you taking any pressure away and offering him to stay as long as he needs…

Will be sending positive thoughts his way.

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What a horrible tragedy. I know people pass in accidents every day across the U.S., but this poor man. What a heartbreak.

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Yes. Auto accident. 23 years old. He’s just in shock right now. He said she seemed “fine” yesterday. Of course he is blaming the hospital and I don’t know if it’s warranted. We all want to lash out and blame something for our times of pain.

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Yes, indeed. And imagine trying to deal with something like this, or cancer, heart attack, gun violence or one of the other leading killers of people when everyone is so busy thinking about themselves and coronavirus.


I can’t imagine. What a nightmare.

Oh dear God. I’m so sorry…

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Thanks for updating. @KKC. So sorry. That poor man.

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I’m so sorry for his loss, how heartbreaking.

I look at my daughters and just want to cry for this man, i cannot imagine. We were talking this morning about what we would do if one of them got sick, well we would care for them of course. But we cannot care for them if we get sick, and we cannot die they need us. This week is really sobering on so many levels


This man just texted me this: “Dusty can I take my grandbaby with me. Hes a good boy.” OMG are you kidding me? Of course he can.

I’ve been in tears half the day and I don’t even know this man. I’ll clean baby shit off the sheets for a week. I don’t care.


Final post: The gentleman checked out Thursday night. His two other kids came to town for the funeral and they needed room for three. He already left my all 5 stars ratings and review. It was a little extra work and cost me a few dollars but in the end it was worth it. Thanks to all the community for letting he share. This is a great comfort in these difficult times.


This is heartbreaking. I am sure your kindness has touched his heart in ways you will never know. Thank you for being such an incredible caring person.

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Thank you so much. I think you are right. Two nights ago he sent a group text with a picture of his daughter and flowers from the services and included me in the group.




My God, bless this family. This breaks my heart.

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Oh my gosh…a truly sobering post…I’m so sorry for his loss. :cry:


How do you know who to trust? A lot of people could say that to get you to give them a free room.

Why are such a punk ass little jerk? Go away you selfish, uncaring excuse of a human.


That comment says more about you, and how your mind works. You really are coming over as a pretty unpleasant individual.

On the other hand, you may simply be a spotty youth who is allowed to use his mothers computer occasionally and trolls forums for a reaction.

Either or, I think @kkc summed you up:


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