So I got a booking...but hadn't changed my pricing yet for that period of time

What do I do?! Can I just cancel his booking then change my pricing OR can I change the price and see if he accepts? It’s a big festival that is coming to my town and I just hadn’t gotten around to changing the price on the calendar since its not till March! Thanks!

Nope. You screwed up and you are stuck with the results. Now, of course, if you don’t care about SuperHost status and your property is listed on non-AirBNB sites, you could cancel, pay the penalties, and then correct your price on the other sites.

Yes. But why would this guest accept an increase in price?

Sorry to be so frank, but that is the way this game works.


I was leaning towards just taking it and not worrying about it, because I really don’t mind it but was more curious as to “how that works anyways” since it’s even an option to alter or cancel the res. thanks!

Hard lesson. Just imagine how happy this guest will be to have gotten such a deal. Now is the time to check the rest of your calendar so that this doesn’t happen to you again.


I always price the year in advance, but only have the calendar open 6 months ahead…just to avoid these issues


yep! already did it, but still keeping it on the cheaper side! they are coming all the way from japan so I’m happy to make their trip a little more affordable :slight_smile: I hope to get that lucky when we travel…LOL


On a related note, how do you all find out about the bigger events in your area? I am aware of some large events in my area (Seattle) but I am sure I am missing some. Most events calendars are not that useful because they are filled with small events or conferences that probably only attract locals or have a negligible effect on total tourism.


At least you are aware that you should adjust your pricing at busier times. I see hosts in my area who leave the same price year round. There are times it is so busy there’s not a room to be found. They could have tripled their price and still filled it. They are just leaving money on the table by doing that. There’s even a traditional, licenced b&b who has been around for years and doesn’t raise their prices in peak times.

There ought to be a city/county office – event planning, tourism, something like that – which handles things like that. Make a couple of phone calls.

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Why won’t you simply tell them you didn’t get to it?

It happened to me when someone wanted to stay for Coachella and tried booking 1 year in advance and I didn’t get to it so I simply told them it’s a different rate, gave the rate and told them I understand the situation and I’ll give them $50 if they end up booking it for being such an early bird.

The guy didn’t hesitate and booked it on the spot with the new prices.

The OP’s guest has already booked. There was no inquiry.

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Right. Hard lesson and this is why new people should not be on IB. Nothing you can do but suck it up.

Especially if you are interested in events that attract younger people, most cities have a newspaper you can pick up free or check online that has a good listing of the events. In Seattle it’s The Stranger.

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I have done that - priced too low in error for her inquiry. So glad I am not on Instant Book.
I messaged the guest saying the pricing was too low and she was very understanding. She said she asked her kids what was wrong with the place at that low price.
It did cost me though. I ate the cleaning fee plus a bit of a discount.

I have SuperHost status and called AirBnB for help last week. The technician encouraged me to get on IB and I told him I would temporarily and asked him what would happen if I wanted to reject a booking. He said I could do it with no penalty. They would assist me.

Call AirBnB help line. They may support you ?!

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So True !!!
My first booking was on IB because they really pushed it during the set up process. I lucked out with an amazing group staying at the house. Took IB off immediately.

Nice! Glad it worked out.

In my area I check for events on the following types of websites:

City/County schools: graduations
Local Universities: graduations & home comings (Who would’ve thought little Winston Salem would have 3 universities & 1 Tech College—good rentals)
Local arts council
3 local film festival websites
Local convention center calendar
Plus there is the SE International Furniture Market is in High Point (20 min drive) so I keep track of its dates

I’m already booked for April 2018 Furniture Market & May 2018 Wake Forest University Graduation plus I have inquiries pending for when my calendar opens for May 2019 WFU graduation & August 2019 National Black Theatre Festival.

It sounds like a lot of website checking but University, Theatre Festival, & Furniture Market schedules are usually set 1-2 years in advance.

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I feel your pain. I’ve done something similar for a peak season rental. I honored the rate, made sure the rest of my dates/Rates were updated and considered it a learning experience.

I did let my guest know they had received a special rate due to my mistake. I wanted to avoid the awkwardness of them referring friends or them booking again and expecting the same bargain.

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Thanks! I have used the stranger and it has helped, though sometimes I find it hard to get a sense for the magnitude of an event :slight_smile:

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If IB you could cancel penalty free, obviously not the purpose of the freebie cancels, but it is possible