So frustrated w/ actual review period not actually 14 days!

Some of you may have read about my recent Guest who had an unauthorized person set up her house key on their app to enter my home without the authorized one even being there. She also lied about several things and got Airbnb to pay her fees because she said she couldn’t afford it. Well I left a review today and it didn’t appear to “take” for some reason so I redid it and submitted it again, stating it was a second attempt at the review. Then I decided to take out the second attempt statement so went in and was allowed to edit the already submitted review. When I resubmitted I thought that was it but it never showed up in her reviews! So I just called Airbnb who said that you donated actually get 14 days to review because the end of the review time expires at 11:59 pm the day BEFORE the 14th day after the review. So a booking that ends at noon on the 8th must be reviewed by 11:59 pm on the 21st for it to publish or go anywhere, even though you are allowed to leave reviews after that. I stated that the email I had received in the 19th at 2:46 pm stated that I had “only 2 days left to write a review for Ashley” and that “After the 22nd, the review period will be over and you won’t be able to write a review.”

That I was not only able to write but to then EDIT the review (which I understood could be done for up to 48 hours or until the other person reviewed it the review was published, whichever came first) and it still didn’t get published! Now this lying Guest will still be able to Instant Book because my Do Not Recommend didn’t “take” in the review system.

So the only thing I was offered was a link to offer my feedback about the fact that you don’t actually get the advertised amount of time to review.

How do you Hosts do the perfect timing if the above timeline is not applicable to all reviews? I am pretty sure it isn’t because I have left reviews before after that window of 11:59 the day before the 14th day and they have been published. Is it because it is a bad review that they are not accepting it and using the wonky review period as an excuse?


Personally I don’t bother with that “11th hour” review nonsense. I jut review guests, bad, good, or indifferent almost immediately after the guest leaves.

In your case, you could, although I don’t often recommend it, Respond to her review of you – assuming that she reviews you, of course…

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I don’t know if it will make you feel better but I’m almost certain it doesn’t work that way anyway and even if you had left a review she would have been able to find hosts who would host her.


I agree with @KenH. Sometimes I write reviews when I get the ‘last chance’ notification, often it’s just after the guest has left which I prefer. When I get the last chance notification, I’ve often forgotten who that guest was anyway!

I have found that the review period is not consistent. I was told by one CS it was done on check out times. Maybe on the odd occasion a stealth review is required you could call and check with Airbnb in advance.

My experience as well, which is why I am in this frustrating position I suppose. I suppose that is probably the best suggestion but my concern is that they will be wrong, as they often are and then I will again be told too late by the next person I get at Air.

The review window closes exactly two weeks after you get the first notification to review the guest. I am 100% positive and have left reviews the minute before the window closes.


Unfortunately this is NOT ALWAYS the case. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. That is what is so frustrating about Airbnb (among other things).

I’m. So. Frustrated right now, too! Finally feeling i had to leave a negative review (I’ve probably hosted 350+ guests) and wanted to leave it right at the end of the review period. I carefully crafted a review that I thought was appropriate, posted it based on the time indicator the site was giving me (rounded to the whole hour, which isn’t helpful) and then found that the guest had an additional 45 minutes (not 5-10, as I’d calculated). The actual deadline was 3:37pm (my check-out is 10am / check-in is 3pm). 3:37?! What the hell is that?! Where did that time come from?! Completely random. Additionally, I don’t see my review among hers, and I’m hoping Airbnb didn’t screw me out of that, too.

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I tend to review guests immediately because I forget if I postpone.


Me too. Who wants to be thinking about guests who left two weeks ago? The chances are that hosts who wait the 14 days are doing so because they want to write a bad review about the guests, so why harbour all those feelings for all that time?

As @KKC said above, giving a thumbs down doesn’t necessarily mean that the guests can’t find hosts who will accept them. And it’s not likely that the guests will read what you write anyway (or care).

If hosts leave reviews straight away, they can at least ensure that if the guests are booking within a few days - as people do on roadtrips for instance - that future hosts have been told about them.

Only if the guest submits a review of the host in turn. I had a guest I wanted to warn others about but he never reviewed me. So he continued booking Airbnbs for the rest of his road trip; hopefully not provoking too many calls to the police or leaving doors wide open on rentals in the middle of the night.


I also review my guests immediately, but I have SmartBnB so I can schedule my review to go live right as the review window closes. I do this if I anticipate a mediocre review is coming, or if my last review was so good, I want to keep it on top of my listing longer.

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Hmmm…that feature I did not know about. That alone might make it worth paying for. How much is it?

When I used it it was $18/month for one listing, not sure for multiple.

You don’t have to use a paid service to schedule your review. Write it, save it and set a reminder or alarm on your phone.

I review after I finish the turnover. I stopped reviewing immediately after when I found dog pee left in the corner. :rage:


Yes but the. I would still need to go back and deal with it again. And what if my understanding of the deadline was not correct that time? Anyways, not worth the price KKC indicated.

No it isn’t. Not worth the effort either, really.

You are probably right. And as time goes on for me with Airbnb I will likely reach the tipping point. I haven’t reached it yet.