Snow clearing expectations

We live in snow country. The tiny cabin that we will be renting has a deck that can only be accessed from inside the cabin. If a snow occurs during a guest’s stay are we responsible for clearing the deck? We will be clearing the primary entrance.

Thanks for the input.

I don’t know why you would be.

To manage expectations your listing and pre-check-in letter might say something like (edit appropriately):

While the Host takes responsibility to clear the primary entrance by the end of any snow day, it is the guest’s responsibility to clear their deck (which only the guest can access) if they choose to do so. We provide a shovel and de-icer for use during your stay.

You might want to make clear whether the guest may remove the snow if they chose to do so, or live with it. If you require them to clear the deck regardless of whether they care whether it is cleared you should say so.

I would provide a bucket of de-icer and a scoop for them. I don’t know whether you permit pets and if so whether you would provide a pet-friendly de-icer (if such exists) and any applicable warning for guests with pets regarding the de-icer.

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I’m in Florida so the subject has never arisen! But you can decide how you want to handle this. It’s your place so it’s your rules.

‘If the snow blocks your deck please let us know so that we can clear it for you’.


“If snow falls on the deck, we cannot be responsible for its clearing, We have provided clearing equipment in the cabin”.

Entirely your choice.

I would assume most guests would prefer their privacy rather than having the host traipse through their living space to clear the deck, so I would just make it clear in your listing info that that is the guest’s responsibility, if they want to use the deck.

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I clear the driveway and shovel the steps on check in day, I keep up on the driveway, and leave a shovel out for the steps. Thankfully I have a tractor for the driveway! Nothing runs like a Deere…


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