Snooze or Unlist?

Does anyone have first-hand experience with either/both of these?

What are the advantages or each? Looking at the “Help” in Airbnb it appears that you have to define dates for snooze but not for temporarily unlisting.

In the Airbnb Community, there are several people complaining about not being able to unsnooze early.

I also couldn’t find any comments on if people had an adverse effect on their listing rank when coming back online from either snooze or unlist. It appears as though it didn’t effect superhost status.

When I was closed I just blocked all the dates.


I have been doing that but remembering to go in daily or every few days to block dates as they open at the end of the calander can be easily forgotten.

“Dates unavailable by default” is what I used on the calendar availability screen drop down menu.


We snoozed our listing. When the date was up Air automatically opened us up for bookings again. Re-snoozing was not a problem. Haven’t a clue about u-snoozing early.

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We snoozed, “opened” and blocked until the day that I actually want to open. We now have two rooms snoozed and one opening in July. We already have two reservations so it’s visible. It may have affected our position in the search engine a little, but I can’t tell who searches with filters which would pop us up.

I do! Pre-covid, I snoozed my listing every time I was going to be off-grid for more than a day, which was three or four times a year. No problems unsnoozing either on time or early. No problems extending the snooze when needed.
You are right. It does not affect superhost status. It might affect rankings, but doing this or that to stay high in the rankings is a frustrating game. Just do what you need to do.


I’ve got one blocked for a long term rental until 3/2022. I don’t remember how I did it but I was able to block days not open on my booking calendar yet. I don’t remember doing anything special. You may wish to give it a try.