Sneaking in guests and having a drinking party

Need some quick feedback here - we had a booking for 3 people to stay 2 nites. She was very concerned about having privacy which we are able to give, so we told her no problem.
Turns out there are at least 7 people in there and there is evidence of a pretty serious drinking party which we are VERY clear about in our listing . NO DRINKING PARTIES. The place is a mess.
Question - can we kick them out and what are the potential repercussions.

That’s what people call a red flag. Don’t you live on the property?

Anyone who breaks the rules can be asked to leave. There is no repercussions from Airbnb but the guest can leave a review and it might be negative. You can also leave a review and it will be negative.

Call Airbnb ASAP about cancelling.


Forget about a bad review! Get these people out of there!!! NOW!

Thank you!
And yes the privacy thing was a red flag but her reviews were very good and sometimes we do have people who really want to be left alone.