Sneaking extra guests in -- using the damage deposit to collect

Hi everyone,
Can I charge someone for sneaking extra guests in – ie, can I use the damage deposit to get the extra money back? Has anyone done this?

Yes! You absolutely can!

If you already charge extra person fees (My list price includes 4 guests. Extra guests are $30/night), just claim those against the security deposit.

I am actually considering making a House Rule that says Unannounced Extra Guests will be charged double the extra person fees.

I just had a women book for 3 people. When I went to the house to meet them, there were 5 people staying. So, I wrote a nice note via the Resolution center stating that she must have forgotten to update her reservation.

Are you sure five people were actually staying? (Extra bedding etc used) and th st they weren’t just a few friends around for a drink Etc.?

When I met them as they were checking out, they had 5 guests with 5 pieces of luggage walking out of the house. It was pretty clear.

She also admitted and apologized later when I requested $90 through resolution center.

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