Smoking weed... Maybe?

Hi all,

So recently I have had a string of not so great guests, not horrible, just not ideal. This forum scolded me for not leaving a review about my previous guests issues, and I can understand why. I’m gearing up with my current guests to lay down the hammer.

Getting to my current guests. Two very nice people. Probably early 30’s same as my wife and I, usually my ideal age range as we generally share things in common. Well I usually empty the trash and restock coffee and tea in the room when my guests are out. Today I went to do so and I got hit with the smell of weed. Not full blast like they had just been smoking but maybe last night they partied and it got into their clothes.

I hated to do it but I snooped around a little looking for evidence as I have NO DRUGS listed front and center in my house rules. I wasn’t expecting a marijuana farm but was looking for rolling papers, blunts, etc…

The room was spic and span, nothing indicating that they were smoking and remember it wasn’t strong, but I do know weed when I smell it. So I’m leaning towards weed smoke in the clothes idea.

Now what do I do, I cant tell them where they can and cant hang out. What if by some off chance I’m wrong and its the worst cologne / perfume ever?

It can also get really uncomfortable accusing someone of using drugs without proof.

If the smell gets stronger tomorrow, I’m thinking of asking them to leave because I will need a few days to get the smell out of the room for future guests.

Am I being a grumpy old host?

Where do you host?

They actually make detectors for that particular aroma if it’s a common problem.

New jersey, 46th guest. 8 months in business. Never a problem before

A friendly chat could be in order.

If they’re doing it elsewhere and the smell is coming back in the clothes, you might offer to wash a load for them.

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Were they aware that you would do a daily restock of items and empty trash? If they were and still chose to smoke weed in the room then you casually say "BTW - when I went in to service your room it smelled a bit like weed…wasn’t sure if that was it or not…and then kind of go from there. If they are cool and laid back they will just say “sorry we won’t do that inside anymore” and they will probably claim to not have noticed it in the house rules. And they probably won’t do it anymore.

Now if they had no idea you would be in there and they took a couple of hits off their pipe, then they just tried to smoke just enough to be sure the odor wouldn’t seep out of the room. Yes, they were breaking the rules. But if they didn’t know you would be in there I wouldn’t say anything at all because they will think it is weird you were in their room.

Be careful about snooping around (even though it is your home) - they could have a tiny hidden nanny cam to see if the host does enter their room. You don’t want anyone leaaving in a review that you were snooping around. I understand you were just looking for something specific…but still it’s not worth potential guests thinking you are some crazy creep.

No I don’t usually tell my guests that I take out the trash and restock. So I think these guests may have figured they would get in a quickie smoke. Also another black mark against them, they had my fan out. My basement has central air conditioning and no previous guest has ever used the fan in the past. I put it there for just in case.


If they didn’t realize you would be in their room, I myself would not say anything even though they are blatanly breaking the rules.

I am not sure what the issue is with fan. Are you talking about an oscillating fan?

Exactly. A tower fan, stands on the floor, 3 different settings, high, med, low. Not really necessary I keep my thermostat at 72 year round

They may have had it on to use as white noise. Many light sleepers use a fan at night. I use a box fan at night and turn on high to drown out any possible noise. Even if it is silent, I still turn it on because it helps me to sleep.

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A fan isn’t likely an issue. The noise is nice for sleeping, and the breeze it generates is quite calming, even with the A/C at 68.

You need to join our NO BAD GUEST lounge! Let’s post their profile pics so we can ALL be on the look out!

As for your potheads, I can tell you just from living with them in the past, that they think they can take a quick hit and not be noticed. Especially if it’s from a pipe and they aren’t technically lighting up a joint. I could see my ex doing that! hitting from a pipe in someone’es “non-smoking” room and not thinking a thing about it.

But because you went in their room without asking, I would eat this one. Not say anything and just make sure it is understood by future guests that you don’t allow ANY kind of smoking --tobacco, vaping or otherwise, and no illegal drugs.

Some pot smokers think a NO SMOKING rule doesn’t apply to them and that you are talking only about cigarette smokers.

Not to defend them, but IMO pot doesn’t have the same lingering, damaging odor that tobacco does.

Still-- Bad bad guests.


Oh Felix! My bad. I thought you were already a member of our bad guest lounge, I’ll add you now! And please contribute your own stinkers to our unofficial database!


how do I join the lounge?

I’ll add you!! Then please post a screen shot of your bad guest profile and you may also tell what they did to get on the guest blacklist! :smile:

Can I join the bad guest lounge too?

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Just a moral question, do you allow alcohol?

I rather have guests that smoke some weed on my balcony, than guest that drink.

Yes, alcohol is allowed. And I’m not someone who is anti-weed. I just don’t want my room smelling like weed when I go to rent to my next guest.


It seem like you are way overreacting. From what you describe it doesn’t sound like they smoked weed in your house. If it’s lingering in their clothes, so what, that’s really none of your business.

I’d welcome guests who are high on pot over those that drink alcohol, all-day, any-day.

We allow smoking, tobacco or weed, on our property but have a zero tolerance policy for smoking in or near the house. We have a very clear & obvious policy on this and rarely have any issues.

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Hi Colorado,

I think you might have different feelings due to the type of space you rent versus mine. I live in a residential family neighborhood. Maybe you don’t mind your guests smelling like weed out in the woods, but I have neighbors and live in a urban area and the way my guests act, smell, etc… is very important.

Both of my neighbors have young children and I would hate to have a bunch of high strangers around me or their kids.

I do allow alcohol, now if my guest comes in drunk, loud and obnoxious that’s a different story than a guest buying a six pack or a bottle of something and enjoying a night in front of the TV. Heck I plan to make some pina coladas and have a beer tonight when I watch the NBA finals, however if I were staying at someone’s home that would turn into a bottle of water and can of mountain dew.

What it comes down to is respect. You wanna get high, knock yourself out, but not at my house.

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You sound like my neighbor Larry. He always invites us up to his house for sports and pina coladas. I would not be surprised if he called us tonight since you say the finals are on. Last time I had a pina colada was at Super Bowl at his house. :smile: