Smoking in a non smoking apartment

We had a couple stay for 7 nights and the woman smoked. Every once in a while I got a whiff of it but figured she was outside and our windows were open. I didn’t smell it when I cleaned after they left. I smelled something, like some kind of cleaner and they had cleaned really good so I didn’t think anything of it. Now a couple of days later I smell it every time I go down there. Has anyone had that happen? I’m not trying to do anything about it now, just wondering what kind of device she had that kept me from smelling the smoke. She set the smoke alarm off the last morning they were here. It’s very sensitive, we’ve set it off with our wood stove many times. I’m just curious as to how she got by with smoking in the house. No one in our family smokes so it’s not from us!

I don’t know the answer but if that’s your dog, he or she is adorable.

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To me, it appears she may have used some kind of cover up spray or similar. Now that it has worn off and you cleaner smell is gone as well, the smoke odor is coming out of your soft surfaces. Wash anything you can, and I would suggest unscented Febreze type product (Odor Ban is awesome) for what you cannot. In the wash, I recently discovered that Lysol makes a laundry sanitizer product. No smells left behind now. I run an extra rinse on all my Airbnb laundry to remove most residual scents from laundry products as well. Air the space out for as long as possible too. I feel your frustration. I had to get rid of the smell of marijuana, not smoked, like a dispensary, from our house. It took 4 days to get rid of it. We think our home got used as a temporary trim and pack spot. Good Luck, you will get it taken care of!

I must be the only person who can’t stand the smell of Odor Ban. Eucalyptus supposedly but I like actual dry Eucalyptus plants.


I doubt you are the only one that can’t stand the smell. :wink: Real eucalyptus is pretty good for removing odor too AND it will chase the fleas out if that might be an issue. I have a Rainbow water filter vacuum and a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the water can do wonders with odors while I vacuum the house.

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Oh thanks! We have 5 actually. We raise Seppala Siberian Huskies.

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Are you really so thick that you don’t realise CO1 is a gas and simply by opening a window/door (ventilation) it is effectively dissipated?

Serious spammer alert here methinks.


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I agree. This person joined just a couple of hours ago and since then has updated at least 10 old, old, old topics about pongs. Hopefully he has now shot his bolt :slight_smile:

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