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Smoking House Rules Question


In the house rules section, I currently have smoking as not allowed. However, I allow people to smoke on the balcony if they wish but not in the house. Would my house rules say that smoking is allowed or not?



Under house rules it will say no smoking but then you can manually add in the section “Additional Rules” Smoking permited outside with provide ashtray" or some such statement. Cheers!


Yes we do more or less as @BurmaPark suggests. Our listings are non-smoking but we say (somewhere in the listing, I forget exactly where) that smoking is fine outside as long as smokers are considerate.


If you allow smoking on your balcony and the air-flow has direct access to your unit when the door is open (as opposed to your balcony being on another floor, etc.) then it is basically the same as allowing smoking WITHIN your apartment. That is the thinking of smokers and specifying smoking being allowed only on the balcony will not deter them from doing so indoors.

Also, if you allow smokers to rent your space, and they obey your restrictions, you will still likely have smoker-related issues because fabrics absorb smoky odors from hair, clothes and body.


I say no smoking but have no issue with them smoking outside, I have 5 acres.


SandyToes I completey understand what you are saying. My brother who is a heavy smoker felt that because we allowed smoking outside the guest unit he could smoke inside with the door open. I was so mad (we don’t smoke) I banned him from our home for a year and it took almost 4 weeks to get the smell out of the guest unit from his one night stay. None of my guests have ever done anything like this and it’s so sad when family will disrespect your home more then strangers. He’s still in ban mode and I honestly don’t know if I will ever let back to stay over night.


Here in Canada, smoking will take on new meaning later this year to include cannabis.

I don’t allow any smokeable in the house but there are a couple of well appointed tobacco areas.

If they want to smoke cannabis they can go for a walk or go to a suitable cafe. Same with alcohol.


I find the smell of burned cannabis to be so much less objectionable than burned tobacco (except for pipe tobacco).


Mandi, do you ban alcohol in your rental? That’s interesting.


I do not allow alcohol in my room rentals. I also only allow single occupancy.

It’s really quite straightforward. People drinking on their own in their rooms are a problem waiting to happen.
And if you have ever had to deal with a drunk person in your home, it’s not worth it.

I have never had any push back on this save one guest who was blotto for nearly two weeks. Horrible.


I also have had no push back on no smokable cannabis on the property. It will be legal here shortly. Some guests like the pills. Others just take a walk. It’s no problem for them. I swear half the city is stoned.

But not in my home, thanks. I am an asthmatic, and I was addicted to pot. After 28 years of continuous sobriety, I don’t need it waved in my face. And I don’t give lectures either. Honestly, people are very good about it.


Yep, just making a comment about the smell. I’m triggered by cig smoke so I understand.


I say no smoking on the property. People that smoke tend to smell like an ashtray so I prefer not to have them book at all. Worry that the smell will get into furniture or pillows ect…


I don’t notice their smell that much. I am bothered if the smoke is in a room, car, or drifts in my direction. One time a tenant lit up and I had a major asthma attack. He didn’t last long. But outdoors is not as much of an issue as convincing them to clean their *&#$ ashtrays!


I hardly ever get smokers these days but when I did, I had a large plant pot outside filled with sand for people to extinguish their cigarettes. Then at turnover time I’d get the butts out using one of those slotted spoon thingies (are they called slotted spoons?) that you get as kitchenware. Like draining peas or something. :wink:


Use the butts to kill weeds


Keep it plain and simple with no gray areas. I state “no smoking on the property.” Let them take a walk for their fix.

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