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Smart Pricing On Open Nights Automatically!

Just got an email from Air, which says:
" Coming soon on August 09, 2016. Smart Pricing will soon apply to all open nights on your calendar, instead of 4 months at a time. To keep your price in a range you like for all nights, check your pricing and availability settings."

Their “smart” prices are so ridiculously low it’s costing them, and us. a small fortune. It’s trying to set my minimum at 75% less than my existing base rate – Base = $90 and they “suggest” charging $27??? What a crock.

Now is sounds as if you Base price setting is going away, and their flawed Smart will be automatically applied to un-booked nights.

Or is an Open Night different than an Un-booked Night?


It looks as if they are forcing us to got into our settings and opt out of smart pricing. I have circled the day on my calendar to remind myself on the 9th to do so.

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I do smart pricing but my minimum price IS my base price. Because I think charging any less than I think it’s worth is stupid.


I have checked into Everbooked but they are not in my California area. Who can recommend another service which is good for pricing?

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