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Smart Pricing Issue - HELP!



I have a Smart Pricing problem that is bugging the heck out of me! I have recently joined Airbnb (as a host). I have had 4 guests (with families), and I have an upcoming reservation set for September. I am thoroughly enjoying being a host! However, there seems to be a problem with Airbnb Smart Pricing. It won’t turn off! I was on “Smart Pricing”, but decided to turn it off.

When I preview my account (to verify that the Smart Pricing is off and that it is charging what I want it to, it shows me the correct amount that I want to charge: $95.00 every night regardless). However, when I search as a traveler to see what travelers are seeing, AirBnb lists the nightly stay anywhere from $108.00 to $110.00. I have logged out and logged back in. I have cleared my browser history and cache. Why is it still changing the prices that it shows to travelers, even though I have turned off Smart Pricing?


Do you charge a cleaning fee? Has that been averaged into the price?


Yes! That is the answer. Thank you.

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