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Smart Pricing enabled somehow!



All, I have been continually frustrated by the lack of finer detail in this system, so no longer use it but from checking my hosting page this week I noticed that smart pricing had been re-enabled which 1 - I’m trying to get to the bottom to unsuccessfully & 2 I’ve had 2 bookings that I have had to honour too cheap!!

Anyone else had this issue?


Not had this one.

What did Airbnb say when you spoke to them about this? They should be able to see if for some reason your setting were over ridden. If that is the case then you could talk to them about cancelling these bookings.


It was brilliant response…

They dismissed it out of hand & suggested that I had shared my password with someone else who must of changed it. Haha

I requested a report to show who had changed it & was denied…



Wow, sorry to hear this @Tony1971, this would have me fuming. Especially since “Smart Pricing” is not smart. At all. :tired_face:

Please follow up on what (if anything) you find out about this. I find Airbnb platform to be glitchy at best. They seem to have the flawed philosophy of ‘implement first, work out bugs later’.

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