Smart Locks/Cameras

Hey Everyone! Have been doing Airbnb for less than a year but have 2 houses going fantastically and will have a 3rd in a couple of months. We currently use a lockbox on the front door of the properties and manually change the code between guests. Is there a smart lock that could help us automate this? We are interested in something simple to operate, codes that can be changed remotely, and would love to have a camera integrated if something like this exists. Anyone know of such a product? Thanks!!! Janet and Dave

You might search and see if there are threads with info to help you. I know there are a lot on locks and on cameras but not so much on integrated. I have a Ring doorbell I like a lot and I think they might have a new product with a lock now. Amazon Prime day is coming up and they own Ring now so maybe check there. If you have other Nest products you might want to check their lineup.

I know such products exist but that’s about all I know.

I use a Schlage SmartSense; it’s an app on my phone and you can program 30 door codes in there… and yes, remotely, if you have a home hub hooked to your wifi.

I generally ask each guest for a 4 digit code that’s easy to remember, then immediately program it in with their name and to be functional beginning at the exact time of their check in.

We have a security system ( products) and our Schlage locks integrate with that hub. I believe if we didn’t have the hub, we couldn’t connect to wifi but could still manually program codes into it.

However, with the hub I can remotely lock/unlock the door and I can change user codes whenever I want from 3 states away. I like this because every guest gets their own code, and I can make them temporary so they start when the guest is supposed to check in, and expire when they’re supposed to check out. The same hub works for our garage as well - so not only can I see if someone left it open, but I can also use this for bag storage before/after checkout and just remotely open and close it.

Here’s the lock:

Edit to add: it looks like you can purchase a hub (anything z-wave compatible) which would make it wifi friendly. You don’t necessarily have to have a whole house security system :slight_smile:

Arlo cameras with solar panels, August smart lock with their keypad. These allow me to remotely manage a house 100 miles away…

Thanks so much for all of this info!!! We will research each of these options and get our locks updated! You all are so knowledgeable!!!