Smart Lock vs. Keypad

this is a choice under “Check-in instructions / Check-in method”

  1. Smart lock
    A lock guests open with a mobile app or keypad

  2. Keypad
    Guests can open the door with a code

My smart lock has a keypad. Both a smart lock and a keypad can be opened with a code. I fail to understand the difference and fail to understand which of these 2 choices are correct for me.

I have the August keypad. I think if a guest installs the August app they have an option to control the lock by way of the app. I don’t know how they connect/synch the app with the lock/keypad. It hasn’t come up though if someone happened to have the app anyway, for their home, it could come up. That’s my hunch – but I’m not saying I ‘know’ the answer.

lol, yes, i agree, it’s the same thing. I get a bit confused by what “radiant heating” means as well, and there’s nowhere to include underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating is radiant heating. As opposed to baseboard heaters that use a furnace and ductwork. Radiant Heating | Department of Energy

these don’t exist in Australia… we have ducted A/c but it’s not through the floors.
but yes, i tick “radiant heating” even though all i think of is those old fashioned bar heaters…

Baseboard heating and radiator heating can also use boilers (gas) vs a furnace (oil).

Electric is the most common type of furnace in Canada, where I’m from.

Funny how many energy source there are. I would have thought natural gas would have been Canada’s go to. My heating system is a hybrid solar/high efficiency gas boiler system. It was an experimental design that was too labor intensive and never really got sold but I’ve had it 15 years and it paid for itself in 7 years and now my total hot water and heating bill (in Boston) runs about $600 a year. In all that time I’ve only had to do minimal maintenance until this year. We are actually getting the parts to replace from Canada.

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Yes, there are lots of natural gas furnaces, too. But people tend to stick with the system they already have for as long as they last. If it’s time to replace the furnace, then they might very well switch over.

Kinda like cars- unless your finances are such that you can easily decide to buy an electric or hybrid, most people drive what they have as long as it is in good shape, making the decision to switch to electric when it’s time for a new vehicle.

So, does anyone know what is the more ‘desirable’ lock setting? If they both mean the same thing, which one would a guest ‘prefer’.?

On the surface of it they don’t mean the same thing because in the smart lock scenario a guest can open the lock with a keypad or with a mobile app. With just a smart keypad the guest must physically be at the property…

So a smart lock is clearly better as it includes the keypad AND ALSO provides remote access.

That is what is implied, yes - altho I would never allow guests to access the locks with an app.

If a guest had the August app and the Host an August lock, I don’t know how you could prevent it.

“Can” is the operative word - if the host permits it - I am sure it is a setting that is controlled by the host.

I use software that controls my locks and allows me to open and close things, but a guest would need access to the software (password etc) to do same.

I don’t know but back to your question of which is the more ‘desirable’ setting.

Since you don’t want guests to access with a mobile app, it makes sense that you would choose ‘keypad’ regardless of what guests prefer.

So I happened to be on the phone with August today as I had a an issue to resolve.

I took the opportunity to ask whether a guest who downloaded the app could lock/unlock the door from the app. The rep said ‘Yes’ so long as they are in bluetooth range.

So that’s how it works with August. I don’t see much of an advantage in being able to lock/unlock from the app, but I perceive a slight one.