Smart lock recommendations?

I want to add smart locks to my listings but I also want to be able to automatically set the unlock code to the guests last 4 digits of their phone number. That way I can use an automated messaging service like to send each guest custom check-in instructions with thier unlock code.

Anyone know of a smart lock that will do that?

Do you mean automatically that a computer program will set the code? or you can do so remotely? I use the Schlage Z-Wave lock, and I use Wink for the Hub. I can set the codes remotely from my phone. But it is not an automated process.

Yeah, I mean automatically. I want it to be hands off. I would like it to set the code the morning the guest check-in and remove the code after the guest checks-out without me ever needing to do anything.

This is the company that Airbnb partners with -

In researching my own smart locks, I found some complaints about their reliability.

I use a simple keypad lock (Kwikset 910) and we change the code as the last step in our cleaning checklist. This makes it easy to offer late checkout without worrying about the auto-system deactivating them prematurely.

Yeah, I’ve read mixed reviews about remotelock too. I like the idea of asking the cleaners to change the code but I don’t think I could trust them to do it. :frowning:

We also use the Schlage Z-Wave and Wink. very happy with it, although not the “hands off” level of automatic you are looking for. That could be done, but would likely need someone to write code for it. As I understand it there is a community out there that like to write specialized code for Z-wave products.

I am using Remote Lock/ Resort Lock since spring. I do set it to the last 4 of the guest’s phone # manually at the time I accept the booking. You can preset it to have a certain start and end time and you just input the dates.
I am using OwnerRez as a channel manager and set the code there which instantly transmits to the lock website.
Reliability? Hmm, it’s been mostly reliable. My homes are in an area with shifty internet service and sometimes my manager has to manually reconnect the lock after an outage, but that is mainly the internet issue, not the lock issue.
I will say that their website and support are just a bit behind the times, a bit rudimentary, but everything has worked for me and I am happy with the codes.
I had not realised how many guests try to come in hours early :wink: