Smart lock - lockstate issues UK

Ive just installed the recommended Airbnb smart lock and its proving to be a pain just getting it connected to my wifi is near impossible so far - there is a video on how do connect but nothing out there that tells you what to do if you cant see the lock on the network to let you connect to it…

I’m in the UK so calling them is really expensive and tech support is up to 2 days via email.

Anyone able to share some tips on how to get the thing working?

Hi, Stuart at smartlock in the UK here. Send me an email outwith the forum and I will assist.

kind regards, Stuart at smartlock

Thxs sent the contact

reminder: you can use Skype for international calling, at a cost of pennies a minute…

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Yes did find them on Skype but they have not yet accepted invite, they really should have live chat on their website as an option

I meant, using Skype for a phone call, not chat?

Many thanks Duncan for the help, much appreciated!