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Smart Lock Codes, Batch Entering Codes

I have installed Schlage smart locks and integrated them with a SmartThings hub. At this point, I am interested if anyone has found an app that will allow batch entering of Codes with guests’ check-in / check-out dates for guests booked over a period of time (e.g., for the up coming month). Thanks.

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I haven’t but I enter the dates and codes when I accept the booking. Mine can handle over 100 codes so plenty of space.

My workflow is different from yours.

Have you tried checking the Schlage web site?

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Most smart locks can be integrated by going to your smart lock’s webpage and clicking on the word “integrations”. It’s an automated process that’s been happening for the last six or seven years.

Which is why my Christmas present to myself is a Raspberry Pi, a downloaded copy of Home Assistant, and some test hardware. I want to use one phone app for everything and a system that doesn’t have to call a mothership. Still trying to figure which brand of smart bulbs to use.

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