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Smart lock? - Can't locate a Schlage Encode

I’ve been trying to locate a Schlage Encode; seems like they might be discontinued or sold out in the typical places.

Which other smart lock systems are people liking lately?

Hi there Amy,

I use the August smart lock, which is integrated with Airbnb such that each guest gets automated messages from Airbnb with their August code.

As a lock and cam for the doorbell it has been GREAT.

We have not been able to get the August/Airbnb integration to work yet but we believe we will on that next Airbnb reservation. So we’ll see,


This is an international forum so what might available to me in the UK may not be available in the country you’re in. @acmc

I’ve seen this mentioned as hard to find in other Airbnb host groups. Someone mentioned Ace Hardware had it in March. I checked, it isn’t on their website now.

I’m in the USA. I use the Kwikset Halo. No hub required. Can set & discontinue codes remotely & schedule start/stop dates & times. DIY easily re-keyed

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I use the august lock - and after a clunky start - it now operates flawlessly.

Of course we keep a lock box with a key on the door for emergencies but we’ve never had to invoke it

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I do the same, have a lockbox with key ‘just in case.’

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I only have keys. And a set of “emergency keys” hidden outside just in case. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is what we use, it is a precoded Schlage lock. You buy them online, not from a brick and mortar.

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