Smart BnB website

Anyone used this app/website. It is really amazing and helps with pricing and understanding competition in the area of your rentals.
I just signed up for the trial period, but it is only $18/month.

Pretty sweet.

Nope. I use The Real Thing on a real computer. Not hard to use or understand. Seems like there are a lot of problems associated with AirBnb and apps on phones and tablets…

Well SmartBnB isn’t one of them. Pierre, the founder, is a friend of the forum. Many of us here were his early supporters and have been delighted at the way he thought of a great idea with SmartBnB and went on to became successful. We can all say “we knew… when…” :heart_eyes: He always helped people out, even when he wasn’t making money off them.

Hey Pierre will you invite us to your IPO party? :rofl:

2 Likes isn’t really a pricing service. Your morning report will give you average and medians of the offering for each date range, but doesn’t actually suggest a price for your listing the way @beyond_pricing does.’s strengths are in other areas, especially AI responses to incoming messages, and automated outgoing messages at self-defined time increments.

I use it. I really like it. And in almost two years, I have not had any glitches.


Good to know that @konacoconuts! Always glad to hear success stories.

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Yeah… we LURRRRVE Pierre around here. I just wish I had signed up when his intro rate was $5 a month! :heart_eyes:

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You are so right, my listings unpublish everyday since November, channel manager and airbnb blaming each other. Saga continues

We have been using Smart Bnb for over a year and it has been FANTASTIC! Great auto messaging, scheduled reviews, calendar pings, and the daily reports are great to see where you rank in searches! has been a great contributor to our forum, however, recently he has been a touch pre-occupied building out Smart Bnb’s features and putting together a team, so if he doesn’t respond don’t hold it against him, too much!

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I could rave about for days- it’s worth every cent and customer service is incredible. I no longer have to remember to send instructions, check in messages, check out reminders etc and the daily market report is super useful. I think it easily saves me a couple of hours work a week (and especially good when I’m travelling overseas and in a different time zone).

How much do you pay a month for the service?

Thanks all for the very kind words! :heart_eyes_cat: :star_struck:

Good times! :disappointed_relieved:

Sure, but I still need to launch party somehow :joy:

True that. Scaling takes time.

Just to relieve you, it only lasted for just a few hours until I collected enough data. :smile: Only one customer subscribed to it, btw.

Depends on scale. Starts at €15 (EU VAT excluded) or $18 for the first 2 listings.


I subscribe to SmartBnB but I am not sure I am really taking advantage of it. Can someone explain Stealth mode to me and why I would want it?

Oh, I answered my own question on their site. Not for me and since I am down on illegal hosting I am giving that feature a frowny face. :frowning:

I use Guesty - it is so easy and has all the tools I need in one platform. Best of all they have a direct integration with Airbnb

I heard about Smartbnb, but eventually decided to go with AirGMS. This is a pretty stellar tool for managing several Airbnb accounts. BTW, quite a reasonable pricing for so many features that they offer.

And who do you work for???

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Oh yeah… Another shill!!! Easy to spot, aren’t they Deb?

Katty works for AirGMS and Danielle works for Guesty. At least Pierre was always honest and transparent with who he was and why he was here.


Then why not say so? This is who I work for… this is what we offer…this is what we can do for you.
Not be underhanded.

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AND, that is also why he became a friend to many of us, who in turn became his customers.

Anyone who posts a fake comment in support of a company they actually really work for may be subject to removal. Let me just be transparent.