Slow down in bookings due to New Airbnb Security Deposit policy

I agree with @Militaryhorsegal. I don’t see why they should increase their advertising?

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The point I am making is: Airbnb needs to advertise more, so travelers think of searching for guestrooms first through Airbnb, than using other reservation-platform companies.

Increasing Airbnb advertising is to help us – the hosts!

Remember, Airbnb staff and executive officers work for us. It would be great, if hosts could vote every two years for new Airbnb executive officers. I receive ballots in my mailbox to vote for the next AAA car insurance executive staff. In a way, we hosts are “shareholders” in the Airbnb corporation, since we pay their salaries.

You’re going to have to explain that one to me, Don. I don’t see how advertising with a certain platform makes me a ‘shareholder’.

Saying that we pay their salaries is like saying that I’m a ‘shareholder’ in my local supermarket - as a customer, I’m paying their staff’s salaries.

This is interesting. I use Airbnb as a traveler on occasion so I was aware that the security deposit was kind of “fake”. But if they are actually collecting deposit/doing a hold, I lowered the deposit on our homes and I will see if this makes a difference.

VRBO does this and I had no shortage of business. I guess guests have to get used to it. Now granted, I traveling alone or with someone, I would prefer a room that doesn’t ask for a security deposit because I don’t want to pay upfront and then wait to be reimbursed, but when you travel with a group and rent a big house, yes I’d pay.

On a tangent here, may I please ask how much they charge you to host your listings? For example VRBO’s fee is 499$/year. Booking is 15% of every booking, abb’s 3% of every booking. How are the others? Thanks.

FlipKey and TripAdvisor each charge a 3% commission fee for bookings.

But Flopkey/TripAdvisor charge an exorbitant fee to the traveler. I’ve seen it as high as 30%. We don’t get any business from them

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Awww, that reminds me of konacoconutz who always called it flopkey. :slight_smile:

I was going to post about a house I booked for the summer with a $1000 deposit (it’s over $6000 rental) but I booked it in March, before the new policy I think. But I was not charged the deposit upfront.

I had understood exactly the opposite: that they are no longer taking the money for the security deposi, instead now they are just putting a hold on the credit card.

Which most people will never notice unless they are used to maxing out their card.

I’m the opposite of you, I like the security deposit as a deterrent because I don’t want anyone who can’t afford a 500 euro hold on their card, renting my apartment.

We hosts are completely disposable. Have you seen the number of listings? the number of available rooms at any given moment?

It’s supply and demand. Hosts are a dime a dozen. Like Uber drivers.

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This thread is about the new policy. Here’s a help center article about it:

Note it says it only applies to a small number of reservations. I’ve wondered if it’s applied to guests who have previous damage claims against them? Airbnb isn’t telling us what would trigger it. It could also be with hosts who frequently make damage claims I suppose but it seems those hosts would have a deposit amount on their account.

Airbnb will most certainly not be advertising lavishly. They are pre IPO. It’s All about ROI.

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Do you mean I could charge the guest for their damages instead of having to go through Airbnb?

SIX % on my turnover would equal $12000 of the gross income!

HI Don what channel Manager do u use to syn ur calendar? thank

@ i honestly think it is a fantastic idea, many bad guests on ABB are bad because they don’t feel accountable and no worry in case of a party or big house damaged or H Rules breach, this will make them think 2 twice. I host on VRBO and have high deposit amount and always works fine I never claim a penny on any guests cross fingers. Maybe it is tested in Florida but I honestly hope this will be set as min on all property. In the beginning, he will slow down on booking but after when people get used to it booking will be back with more responsible guests.

Ok so you are not talking about Airbnb bookings then.