Slow bookings right after a long weekend or major holiday?

Hi all! Just wondering if you have ever noticed a drop in bookings after a long weekend or major holiday. We just had a national long weekend and it’s been deadsville ever since. No likes on my Wishlist either. Just trying to figure out what might be happening. I’m a new host…I’m also wondering if my SEO bump from ABB has ended.

Sorry I can’t help you but I did want to ask what’s an SEO bump?

I think what SuiteRetreat means is that when a listing is new, it gets better exposure when people are searching the Airbnb site. That wears off quite quickly though which is why their bookings may have slowed down.

Got it. Thanks for that.

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Don’t read too much into it. Some people report certain days of the week providing lots of inquiries. Others report completely different patterns. There have also been some times where the statistics page wasn’t exactly matching up to actual activity.

Yes exactly. After I started getting guests and reviews I noticed a rapid drop off in bookings. But it also happened to coincide with a long weekend…

My pattern since mid April has been lots of activity for Wishlist likes during the week and then actual bookings taking place on Saturday and Sunday. But I also had a wide open calendar in those early weeks. Now there’s only one weekend left in June to choose from and the summer months are filling up (well…WERE filling up). I also raised my price from $85 to $99 after I received 3 x 5 star reviews (I’m now at 8 x 5 star reviews). My competition is $100 and up. Then a long weekend happened. The bing bongs from the booking app just went silent.

School is still not out in most of the country. So very few people are making plans. This is kind of an in-between seasons dead zone. I don’t have but one or two bookings the rest of the entire year. Not worried as that is the pattern in Hawaii. Aren’t you new, Suite? If so you’ll start noticing typical patterns that get established year after year.

Yes I’m new. You’re right, a year does need to go by before my true booking pattern will emerge. I can’t see the forest for the trees right now. Every day is like the wild wild west!