Slow application and website


I have always felt like the app and the website are crazy slow. I need to often and quickly switch from one conversation to another, even sometimes switch accounts, and there are delays in seconds between all these actions.

Is there anyone else feeling like the platform is generally slow?

Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t for me. On occasion, it’s my internet connection or other outside factors.

Usually any slowness is caused by your internet connection/service, not the website.

I use the website on Chrome. If I remember to clear the cache, it’s completely fine.

It was never about Chrome or my ISP (I have an optic fiber connection).

With the update of the inbox interface, I am now very pleased, I can almost switch instantly between conversations, and there is no need to click on “previous”. Everything loads blazingly fast and is well visible.

I like when they make UI upgrades that are effective.

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