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Single Female Host - should I host male guests?


Hi all! I’m a single female host and renting out a guest bedroom in my apt. I’m a relatively new host and so have very little reviews, so obviously I want to host more, so I could get more reviews.

However, that being said, I’ve gotten quite a few requests from male “travelers” who want to book the room. Most of them don’t have a single review, and have only recently signed up. Most of them are “verified” by Offline ID, phone number, I think that’s about it. I think I’ve turned down 100% of the male guests bc I just don’t feel comfortable hosting them when I’m a female living alone. Well, I think it would help if they had reviews. And I usually ask them a few questions about themselves, some are very forthcoming, others, not so much. But in the end, I just can’t go through with it.

And I have looked back on the profiles of guys who have requested, let’s say from 6 months ago, they still don’t have any reviews! Which makes me think that either they were turned down by other hosts for the same reason, or they just asked asked to book with specific hosts to begin with.

Do other single female hosts have this issue? or do I just not have the mentality to be an airbnb host?


I have not been a host for very long. I am a single woman, and I have had single male visitors. If they have no reviews, it depends on what they say. One was here for a wedding of people who live locally. So far, they have been very pleasant and respectful. I close my door at night when I sleep. I had more problems with a friend who stayed that thought it meant something and I locked my bedroom door. LOL.

If you are uncomfortable, then don’t accept. After you have been doing it a while, you will have a better idea of your comfort zone. I am hosting a young couple of students right now. They had no reviews. They are the nicest people. The young lady had been traveling with a friend and had always booked through her account, so she had no reviews of her own.


What are the reasons these singles guys are telling you for their visit to your area? Are they on business?

It’s too bad you can’t get all couples so that you feel comfortable with a woman coming along.


Some say they are on business. Another say he’s unemployed and bouncing around. This one did have reviews but most have been by girls.


What would your mother say if you asked this question? Listen to your mother!


You can also not be too specific about living alone.
Does your profile say "I am a single woman living alone’
that may spark some unwanted interest from men.
I also didn’t accept men at first, then slowly realised it was not a big deal at all.


Right, of course I didn’t say that. Did your male guests had reviews or ?


One thing that I do every day, is walk my dog with a friend. I let all my guests know that the evening they arrive when we talk about what time they get up. They can come for a walk, or not. It gives them an idea of the neighborhood, but also It let’s them know that someone checks on me every day.


As in all things be smart. Give a friend you login for Airbnb. Have a cell phone, not a land line in your bedroom. Landlines can be cut. Put deterrents in your Airbnb profile. Like "I enjoy martial arts sparing with friends or NRA Member since 1999. I have two listings on my property. I have a dead bolting fire door between them. When I have a guest I sleep in the other listing. I lock the door and I have more security than I would in a hotel next to a stranger. I think if you cannot be friendly and welcoming to males due to fear, then list your space as "friendly safe passage to the feminine traveler: Mine is listed as a pet friendly family friendly Airbnb. People who don’t like dogs and kids are not going to inquire.



I am a single female host who has a lot of experience hosting and i will host male travelers… whether i accept them or not has a lot to do with why they are in my town… my town is a new agey one with lots of personal workshops. if they come for healing or workshops i usually accept them, if they are there to race harleys and drink beer, no. reviews important… i also ask people to check all my house rules… their initial email goes a long way ot helping me decide.

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